Anyone who has the 60-75 mph hum please respond here

Trying to figure out if it is normal by surveying everyone on here. Ive read the older threads about it, especially about some who have had the drivetrain replaced.

The car hums at 60-75 mph, a sound like a dump truck is driving next to you.

I have P85


me, but mine is silent until 65, i think it is partly to do with the car lowering itself at 65, then it get loudest at ~80mph, less noisy above that. half thinking it is the wheels. will know when i get my snow tires in a couple of months.

I have that problem

Yes I have the same thing. Almost sounds like the electic motor. Not the tires. Bugs me. But it could be worse. A gas engine at 70 in most cars is horrible. But I still wish I did not have this in the tesla because the hum is an annoying one.

I am getting very close to putting in an order however, between the reports of the hum, GPS, radio and pano roof problems I keep reading about, I am quite concerned that I could be spending $90K on a car that isn't quite ready for prime time.

To the owners: How comfortable are you that tesla is going to work on these issues until they are fully resolved? Seems like they could just say "it's normal" and leave everyone with a flawed product.

Mine had that and it got bad at 70 mph. Last week they replaced my drive unit and there is a significant reduction in noise. They actually had to replace it twice because the first replacement was just as bad.

Did they return the model s to you after the first replacement allowing you to discover it was just as bad, or did they test it after install and discover it themselves?

I have it too. Starts around 62 mph. I have a service appointment next week and will report what they say/do.

To the poster that is wondering about purchasing the car. Don't let these posts freak you out. Every single production car has random issues. Some cars come off the line perfect, others have a defect here or there. Most Model S are perfect otherwise we'd be seeing a lot more complaints on this forum. They are producing 700 cars a week now. Thats a lot of cars. The few issues we see are a drop in the bucket compared to the large number of cars on the road. The nice thing about Tesla is that they do fix problem quickly.

I think everyone has that problem because all MS model uses the same motor.

No, only a few people have experienced the 60 mph humm, or drone. It is not ubiquitous.

I don't have the hum in my P85

The P85 has a larger motor and inverter.


I am currently driving a P85+ due to my MS having a rear hatch alignment issue.

That being said, they are taking good care of her and lending me their top of the line.

I haven't been inconvenienced in the slightest. I'm having a blast comparing the different driving profiles.

I have it to from the rear passenger side starts around 62mph. Not real loud just loud enough to be annoying from time to time.

I have that hum as well and went to the service center about a 1 1/2 weeks to get it checked out. Was not the drive train (phew) but from the rear michelin primacy tires. They isolated the noise by changing tires from the rear to the front and the noise started coming from the front. They found out it is normal with those tires and the wear has been normal.

My Tesla S is due to arrive the middle of October. May the purchaser ask for a test drive before accepting delivery?

Seriously guys, your car will be fine. Tesla DOES put each car through a rigorous quality check. My hum/drone didn't start occurring until about 3,000 miles. And as the other poster said, who knows what it is, it could be tires. I going in for service next week and we'll see.

No hum here. 40 kWh model, 5600 miles

I picked up my new P85+ yesterday and have the same issue. I will return the car to Tesla on Monday. I also own a P85 Sig that I drove over 12.000 miles both in the US and Europe with no such sound at all. It is totally quiet even at Autobahn speeds above 100 mph. Not the new one. :-(

Bear in mind folks, that the same apparent noise issue can often have different reasons. I had an annoying rattle for a while and found out it was the license plate holder!

@shop "Tesla DOES put each car through a rigorous quality check."

I wouldn't be so sure of that.
I am sure you have seen Nick's Glitch/Due Bill Thread
and his Delivery Checklist

I do agree that Tesla will take care of the problem though.

I have the loud hum in my P85 at freeway speeds. I'll try talking to the service people.

I had the rear hum noise at 65-75 MPH, though it was tire noise, mentioned it to service and they were instructed by Engineering (after listening to a recording of the sound) to replace the "drive inverter". I picked up my car today and no hum at highway speeds and I'm on new Primacy tires - so it's not the Primacy tires.

Unfortunately, the alignment was off and I returned the vehicle to the service center. They said they would have it checked and re-aligned. They were supposed to do the alignment after the drive unit replacement, but told me at pickup today that they no longer have to do alignments on that particular fix. However, my experience has been different and the alignment is noticeably worse after having the drive inverter replaced and the Primacies put on.

Not entirely happy that the vehicle was "road tested" by service and given back to me with an alignment issue. The car drifts to the right when you release the steering wheel. It's not a hard pull, but a drift that will take you across three lanes of traffic if you don't keep your hands on the wheel. The loaners did not have this issue and I'm on a my 2nd Model S loaner - this one with 21" wheels and no air suspension.

So I think Tesla could stand to improve its QC, no doubt about it.

"though it was tire noise" should have said "thought it was tire noise"

I get it similar to the other posters above. At 60's and above the hum is there on the rear passenger side. Gets louder the faster I go. I also get the wind tunnel noise assuming from my pano roof. That said, it is still a rather quiet ride. I'm gonna wait to get them fixed at my service appointment in 8000 more miles if I can wait that long.

I do have the hum (truck-like sound towards back right of vehicle) - but I notice, at least for my car, that the amount of charge influences the speed at which the hum initiates. On a 90% charge, I hear the hum at around 76 and beyond. On a 60% charge, I hear the hum at 70 and beyond. Anything lower than 55%, the hum consistently begins at 68.

I did test on multiple road surfaces (to rule out road noise) and have been able to reproduce my results (imagine us, "testing" our cars - ain't it great to live in such a world)...

I only took delivery a week ago and am assembling a punch list for service. I want a few weeks with Maggie to really get a sense of what is right/wrong before I bring her in...

I thought I had the hum too. I took my wife for a ride and she noticed the sound was coming from me! I didn't realize I was so happy with my S that I hum as I drive it...
Not going to get that fixed anytime soon:-P

@lars.thomsen@fu... | SEPTEMBER 14, 2013 NEW
I picked up my new P85+ yesterday and have the same issue....I also own a P85 Sig that I drove over 12.000 miles both in the US and Europe with no such sound at all. It is totally quiet even at Autobahn speeds above 100 mph. Not the new one. :-(


Had a P85+ loaner vs my Sig P85. Handing is amazing…. but the increased road and motor noise is very noticeable, especially cruising at 75 mph on 90min freeway trip.

We had the problem and finally got the SC to replace our motor and inverter. It was better but still occasionally heard it.

Then we brought it in to the SC again for an unrelated issue and after they rotated our tires (unprompted), the sound is even better but now I sometimes hear from the front right (instead of the back right like before). So I'm guessing it could a bad tire?

I might bring it back in for service for it soon, but it's barely noticeable now and I doubt the SC would replace it anyways.


Tesla service caught the first replacement on a road test. I found out when my car was delivered back to me and the Ranger told me because the paperwork showed two replacements. I was told the first was a remanufactured unit and the second brand new.

I have it to. Same as above. i even tried to isolate it to specific levels of power - seems to kick in at 20kW and above. At first I suspected the 21" Continentals, but it is a constant tone emitted at cruising speeds and does not increase or decrease in pitch. I mentioned it to my wife about a month ago while on a long trip. I told her I didn't recall hearing it before, and I think I would have noticed, because I listen for everything.

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