awesome Tesla response to dimwits in NC

eadopter i also live in WA. we dont pay sales tax on EVs so i saved over $7k on thta... the $100 in lieu of gas tax is NOTHING.

transit~ solid point there except our light rail was a public referendum. cnat blame the politicians in olympia for that one.

Good point regarding the sales tax. Thanks for the reminder. I feel better.

Light rail was not delivered as promised, and what was delivered is much more expensive than promised. We'll just have to disagree on that one.

One of my frustrations in WA is that many programs and good ideas are turned into "jobs programs" that unnecessarily grow government. The 520 tolls (I-90 soon) and HOT lanes on 167 are a perfect example. The same revenue could have been efficiently raised by a small, insignificant gas tax increase. Instead, WA built a large tolling infrastructure for miles and miles of highways that require hardware, software, maintenance, scheduled replacement, and more staff to support everything. This choice costs millions and is very wasteful in my opinion. A small gas tax increase would have cost zero - 100% efficient.

@GeirT As a Norwegian having made the US my home, I would have to say @RanjitC is actually right ... Sorry, but it has been confirmed ;-)

Place an SC just north and south of North Carolina's borders on both Interstates 95 and 77 corridors. That would put them 180 and 110 miles apart respectively.
All those towns would be bypassed - revenue lost.
Politicians!! You got sum splainin to do !!!

The Dealer experience is horrible, in the states as most of us are in, you go to a dealer with a specific amount of money in mind you want to spend and a specific set of features you want in a car. The dealer pressures you constantly to upgrade or buy features you do not need or put you in a car that will ultimately not serve the purposes you need a car for (like trying to up-sell you a pick up truck when you needed a mini van), if the car sales man is any good you might actually start considering his "point of view" by the time he is done talking.

Not to mention some dealers add small cosmetic "Add-ons" to the car to jack the base price up. I remember when those striped you always saw going from the hood to the trunk were dealer installed and they charged you an extra 150-200 for it weather you wanted it or not.

Tesla does not pressure you, I walked into a show room fully expecting them to give me a sales pitch but instead they walked me through the car and told me what I would pay if I finaced one. I told them I had to save up and was just getting an personal feel for the car. At this point most car sales men would just walk away but the Tesla rep understood and continued to answer any questions I had followed by a handshake when leaving.

That is customer service!

To hsadler and Senator Tom Apodaca (Rep. NC): The basis for the original dealer protectionist law was to keep Ford from opening a direct sales business in the state and undercutting the protected dealership. A wholesome law that makes sense. It doesn't matter where the vehicle is sold, the state of NC will realize the sales tax when the owner registers the vehicle, so lets not fall for this lost revenue smoke screen. Sen Apocada "received a state-maximum $8,000 in contributions from the 7,000-member NCADA in 2012. He noted steady contributions from the industry date back years, and he's a top Republican with a pro-business reputation" quoted from the Associated Press article. So to me, it is clear why this legislation is passing. The only revenue being "protected", appears to be certain war chests. So if Pepsi donated the $8,000, (maximum allowed) they could probably get sales of Coca Cola banned, I guess.

Read more:

Lets see anyone from Fox News report on a good experience from a dealer and not be biased to the dealer!

I think this whole argument NC and Texas are making is bordering on racketeering. Car dealers are slimy and I hate dealing with the salesmen and the service departments. All they are protecting is their wallets, the consumer is their patsy. The current intimidation tactics to "protect" these car dealers is a bunch of BS. Tesla all the way!

Just sayin'
There's more than one way to fight 'dealer grip' than trying to complain about their tactics.

The politicians need to be shown that other businesses will be affected by the eradication of Tesla type marketing and influx of vehicles (and SC's) to their constituency.

There's money to be brought in from people passing through the state and that is something that should not be deflected.

Wait would Tesla not technically be a dealership if they allowed reservations to be made at their show rooms?

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