Body Shop before delivery.

I just received a call that my sig performance was going to be delivered this Saturday. Super excited UNTIL I got another call saying they found scratches on the bottom of the right bumper and the car will need to go to the bodyshop to be repaired! I ordered the paint armor so the scratches had to be pretty bad. I asked my DS to send me a photo.

Here's the thing. For the money I am paying, I really do not want a new car that has been to the body shop before it has been delivered to me! The bigger issue is my wife - who has been very supportive of the purchase - says she wants a different car than that one! She doesn't want to pay for a new car that has had body work.

What do you think?

I am a huge Tesla fan but this is very dis-appointing.I know its not there fault but still....


If serious, a ***less comment.

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