Can you guys access the new blog - A Most Pecular Test Drive ?

I'm dying to see Elon's response

But I keep geeting an error message below when I try to view...

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Brilliant. The guy looks a total moron.

Looks like the climate control got reduced to ~64F (18C) Which is cool, but not off, and I don't think would make your knuckles go white?

I'm a Tesla LIFER.

A responsible news organization would consider this falsehood a sacking offense. It brings discredit on a world renowned newspaper - speaking as an Australian.

@ Mark K,

Look no further, the Detroit & Big Oil lobby.

Interesting fact about John M. Broader - see the common theme in his previous articles?

I will give you a hint: OIL!

Are you suggesting the NYT uses oil-based ink? How could they?!? The horror!


@Brian H: LOL! Too funny.

This debacle is spreading like wild fire. Techcrunch's summary take on it.

WOW, he slammed him worse that I thought. Broder lacks integrity it seems. NYT should investigate and fire him, IMO.

I like the 15 minutes of doughnuts in the parking lot with the gauge reading 0. Could hardly be a clearer demonstration of attempting to stall the car!

Mr. Broder had a plan to cheat, but the poor man did not realise that the Tesla Model S is actually smarter than he is! That's his mistake, and now he is in trouble. What will the reaction of The New York Times be?

Not only did he fail to see Model S fail..but he made his entire organization look like a failure..
Thanks to Top Gear Tesla had been prepared to deal with this..

@ mauterin

The circular driving would not need GPS to identify. All Tesla would need is the "Steering wheel position sensor and speed sensor data" authough the test car I'm sure was so equipped.

The brain surgeon should have figured there would be data logging capability in the car since that technology has been around for decades. Wonder how Broder likes his Crow?

Elon, good job.

NYT, I am canceling my 5 month old subscription.

I love this forum, because that article had me absolutely irate!! If the NYT does nothing about this (which I suspect), then I hope the world sees it as the worthless rag that it is.

Go Elon Musk!!

Mr Broder

For future reference....

There is a proliferation of security cameras, cell phones (with high def video), and also cars that know what you are doing.

Yeah, well done Elon! We are with you. The response is even better considering that you took the "reporter" rather than the news organization to task.

I love NY Times and Tesla. Unfortunately, this "reporter" is nowhere near NYT's standards and should be fired, or at least investigated. I think these kind of unfits exist in every organization and sooner or later, it could happen that someone from Tesla will commit a similar folly.

Of course, this guy will come up with his own theory based on his own interpretation in his own fantasy world about how he is (at least partially) right all along. But, numbers speak the truth. He was caught with his pants down and he is pathetic.

~ Prash.

From Elon:

"As the State of Charge log shows, the Model S battery never ran out of energy at any time, including when Broder called the flatbed truck."

I'm wondering how this squares with Broder's statement that:

"the car’s electrically actuated parking brake would not release without battery power, and hooking the car’s 12-volt charging post behind the front grille to the tow truck’s portable charger would not release the brake. So he had to drag it onto the flatbed, a painstaking process that took 45 minutes."

Is there some low level state of charge that is designed to protect the battery, and so therefore nothing will work, even though the SOC is not zero?

+1 Elon! Incredible response!!!

For anyone else at upset as I am, send a letter to the editor @ NYT...or a copy of the blog ;) Either way, keep it classy.

...for sure a great media spin. Perfect move- everyone is talking about it. This is huge for a "small startup"!
And if the people begin questioning, what is good range or bad range and compare it with other competitors in the EV-field, it'll come clear, who's the chief in this exciting gamefight =)

Check mate. Well played, Tesla.


Among some other questions, I have the same question. Historically Elon has made himself extremely credible with facts/information over a period of time(my opinion) and Broder lost his reputation on many counts by the information in the blog. So I am leaning to believe that Model S may have had some juice & journey left.. even while on the tow truck. If the calls between Broder & TM rep are recorded & made would all make sense!

my 0.002 amps


While Big Oil and Detroit probably aren't displeased with this article, if you dig, I think you'll find a "friend" of Broder with a massive short position.

Broder's tilt misprepresented the car very likely for one coldly simple reason: Money.

The likely culprit is a player in a hedge fund. They'd have enough to gain to "go big" with a NYT reporter, rather than merely a small-time blog.

Shorting a stock and then trashing it in the media is rampant. It is a highly destructive force in our society. All of us should push back.

NYT and SEC should look at who held the largest short positions, and look for links to Broder.

The stinker is in that heap.

@Mark K,

Good point and upon reflection I think you are spot on. Follow the money is a good principle.

interesting lack of coverage on CNBC who made a huge deal of this; Maybe a delayed reaction

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