Charge port makes clicking sound but doesn't open

Has anyone had a problem when trying to open the charge port? When I depress the button on the charging cable near the charge port, I can hear a clicking sound but the charge port won't open. I have to lightly push my finger against the back edge of the charge port door while pushing the charging cable button. We've had this issue ever since we bought the car, but it didn't seem a big enough problem to bother with it. If you had this problem, was Tesla able to fix it or were you able to fix it yourself?

Service can adjust the port cover - it is held closed by a magnet and on some cars there is there is too little clearance and it sticks. Mine had exactly the same problem. Now is OK 95% of the time.

I had a slightly different issue with the same symptoms. Mine was diagnosed as a bad mobile charging cord.

One of the techs showed me a trick. The port can be opened with a "karate chop" to the rear of the port. Done correctly, it opens the port easily. Of course open is not the same as unlocked, and you may still need to do that from inside the car. But it's a cool trick.

Mine has the same issue. Open door from inside, take it to service. It some times sticks. Not a biggie.

I had this problem; happened only occasionally, but started happening a bit more frequently. They found nothing wrong, but greased it up in case it was just sticking. It happens a lot less, but still once in a long while. (Occasionally it just takes a second to open.) If it started happening more often again, I'll bring it in, but their "fix" (which I was skeptical of) did help.

Anyway, as others say, yeah, call service and ask them to check it out.

I've had the problem twice in nine months. Both times I used the control panel to open the charge port. Returned to normal after that.

I had this problem when the weather was very hot. An hour of sitting in the garage cured the problem. Service adjusted the magnet on the port door. I have not had the problem since the repair. In my case I think it was a thermal problem, the magnet expanded when the weather was very hot.

I had this problem, the chargeport won't open from the touchscreen. Never had a problem with the UMC. Took it for a service, they did a minor adjustment and never had any issues after that.

I agree that you should notify Owners Experience and Service so that they can invesitgate the cause. That way they can nip the issue in the bud.

A ranger came to our house to fix this problem. To my surprise, they are changing out the whole charge port, even though the karate chop would open it.

Mine is sticking about once a week, although I've only had the car for two weeks. I been able to get it open eventually but it was a little concerning. Is there a manual release in the trunk? I couldn't find one

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