Charging in Las Vegas

I am in the process of scheduling a trip to Las Vegas and will be staying either at the Venetian or the Palazzo. I understand that they both have chargers. Does anyone know if they will work with the model S. I thought I read somewhere that the Palazzo are roadster only. Also how can you make sure that they are available if they are in the public parking structure? Hate to spend three days there and not be able to get home.

I'd be careful about charging in Vegas. You know what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, so your charge will disappear when you pass the city limits.

I've used the Venetian charger with my Model S. Worked great.

I'm also wondering about this. I heard Cosmo has a charger, too. Anyone else have any experience charging in Vegas?

Palazzo is UNABLE to charge S. I made my reservations there just for that reason, but they turned me away. Went to Mandalay bay shoppes cause I really like the setup, it's in the valet section, but charge ports are self serve. Had several dropped charges there. Struggled to recoup my 200 miles. Ended up charging at Venetian on 6th level of public parking structure. It's public parking, but the charger is a reliable GE unit. Use your app and monitor charges so you don't get disappointed like I did. I was running 4.0 with no app, so after wasting hours from a dropped charge I had to manually make sure it was still charging.
From all my research, the hotels that brag about Tesla HPCs, are all roadster units, with no adapter to charge S.
Here is a really good website for Vegas charging...

Have fun! Lots of people on the crosswalks would notice the S and give thumbs up. Pretty cool.

if you charge in vegas - you run the risk of waking up in the auto shop with the battery missing and this vague recollection that the whole connector, cable, and charging system wasn't quite "typical"…it will be a good time but not one that you will want to repeat or tell your friends about.

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