CNN Reproducing NYT Trip

This is happening Thursday (2/14/13) afternoon...follow this twitter IDs to track:

@CNNMoney @PeterDrives @AbigailBassett

More to follow!

Yes:-D go CNN, remember to charge more than 28%

Looks like it will be a breeze, so far.

Done! Milford, CT, 1 hr ago. "lead-footin'" for 20 miles, 38 to spare.

Love it. Makes Broder look like a moron. Why did he have to stay anywhere overnight anyway?

"126 miles to our hotel in Boston. Game over." (Showing pic of charging completing with 271 miles available.)

Do you think Broder was driving around the parking lot in reverse to "eat up" some range to validate his claim?

Same in Abigails tweet:

Two hours left to Boston.

@dvclifford; considering how stupid he looks that's definitely a possibility.

good stuff.

Well it looks like the CNN team miraculously !!! made the trip w/o range issues, imagine that Broder who?

CNN, thats cool. If we can get FOX to do it, then its back to bussing tables for him.

She tweeted "2 hours to go" 2 hours ago. Now to see if they got obliterated by a giant snowball meteorite, or SLT.

They apparently made it:
They seem to be more intelligent test drivers than the one from the NYT

Burn Broder burn. ;-)

His report seems to be on the broder-line of insanity ;-)

Whoops Blodgett of Business Insider published just to soon and now looks as stupid as NY Times, Forbes and the rest
When will these guys ever learn

Looks like challenge was not how to make that trip, challenge was how not to make that trip.

It was clearly quite a challenge for Broder to not make that trip.

Obviously the Broder prejudiced against electric cars. So he rigged the test against the Model S. It is not his first article against BEVs. What he fails to realize is that battery capacity has historically improved by 7%/year. Over 5 years, it amounts to 40%.

Meanwhile, Model S (or its successors), will improve their electronics like the inverter efficiency, motor efficiency, etc. Heating or AC load could be reduced with light weight foam insulation, insulated/laminated glass, use of heating pump, etc. The weight of the car could reduce using stronger Al alloys that combine Al with such metals as Copper, Mg, Mn, Cu, etc. Structural design improvements could reduce the weight further. Battery packaging itself may have room for weight reduction. Overall, the car weighs nearly 4,800 lbs and 1,000-1,200 of that is battery and packaging. Leaves a lot of room for weight loss. Loose may be 500-1,000 lbs. Nominal range could go to 500 miles. Cost could drop too like most appliances have done.

I'm curious what the temperature was for the CNN trip. Did I miss it mentioned in the article? Not that it would have changed the outcome. Just curious.

I could read the temperature from a photo that they took on twitter and it was 41 degree

sorry 40 degrees

Well said

With CNN's repeated trip, it shows, in my opinion, that if Mr. Broder were honest, he has proved himself being a real fool or if Mr. Broder were not honest, he has proved himself being a Tesla hater. Forbes and NYT seem to be in the same Tesla bashing camp.

To be (somewhat) fair. The conditions were not the same. During Broder's trip it was bitter cold whereas CNN had 40 degree weather.


Wow that headline hurts. Does not help the cause....

The Tesla Nightmare Shows Why Today's All-Electric Cars Are (Basically) Dead On Arrival

Read more:

That Business Insider article is biased, out of date, and does not reference the Musk blog. Avoid it.

Here is an example of quality journalism.

I agree with Carefree. The difference in temperature leaves Broder some wiggle room. Ideally, the trip should be repeated at temperatures that are at least as cold as they were on Broder's trip. That would be definitive. I'd be tempted to do it myself, except that I live in Chicago and don't yet have my model S (expecting it in the next few weeks).

No it doesn't. the difference in range would be minuscule. CNN made the trip with miles to spare.

Broder is always going to have wiggle room. I think continuing a war of words won't help anything -- just highlight others making the same trip without problems and leave it at that.

Nice. This is icing on the cake.

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