Cross-country road trip to start a job at Tesla!

In a couple hours, I am leaving my home in Maryland to start a cross-country drive in my Model S 85. A few months ago, I started interviewing at Tesla and got a job offer this January in their Autopilot autonomous driving program. Our first stop will be at the Somerset supercharger around 1:30pm. Follow the journey at or post any related questions here! I'd love to meet some other Tesla fans along the way.

Congrats what a fun job it would be! I heard a few people from where I work in Milpitas went to work in the Fremont plant. They seem to be hiring like crazy.

Very exciting. Tell us all you can before you're sworn to secrecy.

@cybrown, good luck on your journey and on your new job!

Congrats on the new job, you will love it at Tesla. The company culture is exciting and it is one of the best places that I have ever worked. For last years Christmas party Elon threw a huge party out of his own pocket for all employees, there were likely over 100 kegs of beer (Killian's Red, pyramid Hef... not the cheap stuff) catering and a DJ. Both the Fremont and Deer Creek facilities are top notch and you've got to love the free soda dispensers and cereal. Engineers and STEM types are given more latitude than I've ever seen. Let me know if you have any questions. And above all else, have fun.


Just completed the journey last week in a 60.

I admit I'm bored with the cross-country trip (lol) but really want to hear about teslas autopilot program!!!


Are you researching autopilot possibilities on your cross-country drive? Is such research necessary/useful for your forthcoming job?

Assuming yes, I'd query a good accountant to see if you can thereby write off part of the cost of your 60, by employing it as a research element.

Awesome! I hope you enjoy both the drive and the job!

@J.T. - he has already been sworn to secrecy. ;-)


Congrats cybrown! Looking forward to enjoying the fruits of your labor in 3 years :)

What a coincidence, I just landed a job with TM in their Anti-Christie dept.

I don't think I have ever been more envious of a post on this forum. Congratulations on the new job!

Congratulations! are living the dream! Many of us only wish we could follow in your footsteps!! Enjoy!


Congratulations! You're so lucky. I hope you have a long and fruitful experience with them.

I've been fantasizing about working for Tesla for the longest time. It's gotten a lot worse now that we will be picking up our Model S on Saturday. Do you think Tesla could find room for a software engineer with a couple decades of experience, some background with GIS, and an unhealthy fascination with environmental science, transportation networks, and data storage? It's a pity they're on the other coast. Moving is a dealbreaker for me.


Sounds all too could have been describing me. But I live in Texas and I'm hoping that if we're lucky enough to get the Giga Factory here then my background in BI AND GIS will help me land a spot!!

So there!



Good luck. With Texas being on the finalist list for the Giga Factory, you have a better shot at it than I have in CT.


Well, you're right we probably have a better shot than CT but I think we're at the bottom or near the bottom of the list of states that might win the Giga Factory.

Enjoy your trip and good luck with your new job. Do you get stock options?

I live just miles from TM and also applied for a position with the autopilot team. Unfortunately for me (fortunately for the rest of the world) they filled the team with "more qualified candidates". I'm assuming that probably means those who actually have automotive and/or software and/or sensor equipment experience :) It certainly could turn out to be the job of a lifetime. Now the pressure is on you @cybrown!

Congrats cybrown! Since Elon is personally heading that team you are about to work directly with the man who could go down in history as the greatest entrepreneur ever!!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS & ALL THE BEST! You have joined one of the most dynamic companies in the world. Hope to buy the new Tesla with Autopilot when it is available.

Congratulations on what sounds like a dream job for a dream company. How exciting! If you let me know an approximate time you plan to arrive at the Cheyenne SC, I will try to be there. Would love to meet! 970-222-2320
Hart in Fort Collins, CO

Why do autos need pilots? I thought they used drivers. /;p

Guys, thanks for all the well wishes. We're in Wisconsin tonight. Tomorrow we go through Mauston, Onalaska, Albert Lea, Worthington, Mitchell, and Murdo. It's going to be a long day! I have lots of comments and info about the trip and some thoughts on early autopilot features that I would have loved to have on the trip so far. If you're on my route tomorrow let me know! We're also on twitter @ChargingWest.

Looks to me like you will be coming through Cheyenne on Saturday. Also looks like you are heading into yet another winter storm here in Colorado. Feel free to call me re road conditions, and if you give me appr. arrival time in Cheyenne, I can meet you there. 970-222-2320 Safe travels!

Thanks so much Hart! We may very we'll take you up on that. Our Cheyenne ETA is very roughly 6pm on Saturday, but we'll post updates on Twitter.


Cy, call me when you can please!

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