Dashboard Clock Now Available

TeslaTime provides a large clock display for your dashboard. Styled to look like a first-party component of the display.

To use:

1. Using the car browser visit
2. Click on your timezone at the bottom.
3. Click Add to Favorites Button


ps: Feedback most welcome.

Sweeeet! Thanks. :-)

I'm looking forward to seeing all the new apps that are created. Is there a place that I can look to keep up on new and recommended apps. BTW, I like this.

L-o-v-e-l-y! Beautiful, elegant and effective. I mean both, the clock itself and your way of making it available to all Model S owners. You deserve The Award for the First Model S Third Party App! :-)

Beautiful. Thanks for your efforts!

Looks nice, but why is the Tesla logo inverted?

dahtye, instead of an answer, try this: Select your time zone from the bottom of the page.

Very nice!

One more remark: may actually be the more versatile URL. You can then easily add more "widgets" based on the same domain.

Admittedly, I didn't try this in my car. I tried it using Internet Explorer. The PST button (my timezone) doesn't seem to do anything. I'll have to try it in the car.

Genius..ELEGANT...befitting the stature of MODEL S.

Very cool.......

Really sharp looking, cool idea for getting around waiting for Telsa to release the API. Just make web pages. Does the Tesla browser support Flash or do we need to make apps in HTML5?

I just tried it in the car - wow, very nice!

Very nice. Can you make it international? Like for Australia?

I love it :) The only thing I would note is that the minute hand gets to the center of each minute at around 5-10 seconds past the VII at the top, rather than exactly at the VII.

Really nice job

All - Thank you for the feedback. It was a fun side project. It has made me wonder what other types of information would be well suited to presentation in this area. Ideas welcome. Note: the most obvious set of data, location is unavailable to the browser.

Volker.Berlin - Unfortunately the browser thinks we are all on PST...

Very nicely done. A cool way of developing an "app".

Does the site store the timezone in a cookie?

RobertMonreal - Yes. You only need to set it once.

Beautiful work, it would make a very nice watch face too.

Is the hour hand moving for anyone? It does not move on firefox or chrome on my desk top.

You're right! Seems stuck at the position it had when I first opened it.
Note the Day/Night choice; colored Tesla second hand for Day, black for night.


Location data should be available once they release the API


Thank you!

Can the hour hand be made to advance? Much more useful that way.

Unless you're running late.

All, sorry about the hour hand. Definitely a bug. Will be fixed. Separately, the Night mode is now darker to better calm the dash at night. Cheers.

Okay, I've tried to copy and paste the first set of directions into my browser, being I don't have the car yet. Nothing. I know other people here don't have their car either. How are they able to access it? Do apps not work on PC's? This is the tech stuff that drives me crazy and the part of owning a Model S that has me really worried. Unlike most of you, I hate futzing with it, and I don't "speak the language" of computers.

For those of us "in waiting" (P4168) can the clock be viewed on my desktop?

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