Does anyone in The Netherlands have a Reservation for a Tesla Model S? Or has it already been delivered to you?

Here in The Netherlands people do not seem to be very "electric minded" (apart from the very few). And I have not seen any Tesla car driving around yet. But I do know that there should be a few Roadsters here in The Netherlands.

Well.. check out the forum (e.g. the European section) there are actually quite a lot of Model S reservations in the Netherlands. I think we might actually rate #3 worldwide, after USA and Norway...

A whole bunch according to the map: and that is far from every order for sure.

The european section is only open to res holder. But I confirm that they are quite a lot of orders in NL. And we have the advantage of having the EU final assembly line in Tilburg, so Benelux shoudl benefits the shorter shipping delays in the EU.

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