Enhanced Supercharger Map: zoom in, change range indicators

Just for fun I created an enhanced supercharger map:

() Allows one to zoom in, all the way to street level if desired.
() Allows one to change the range shown by circles around each supercharger.
() Click on the supercharger icon to get a link to that supercharger's web page.
() Click "advanced options" to change circle color, opacity, border color, etc.

This is actually pretty useful...
for example my practical range is 180 miles ( leave always a reserve ) and I want to charge in Gilroy, go to SF and back to Gilroy and estimate 30 miles driving in SF. So (180-30)/2 = 75 miles circles - I can immediately see if I can make it in and out on a single standard charge. If it is borderline I do a range charge, when outside then I have to look for additional charging places.

This is nice! Should really be useful as more SC's roll out to help plan longer trips and limit stops because of anxiety. Very cool.

Very cool. Any chance it's possible to make it so that when you click on a Supercharger, its range circle gets a different color? Sometimes it's hard to tell which circle is which charger when zoomed out.

You can change the circle colors by clicking "advanced options..." in the upper right hand corner, then select "Fill Color" from the drop down menu. Or slide the "Fill Opacity" slider to the right, making it darker.

I'll continue to improve this over time. Any suggestions are welcome.


Great stuff! Thanks BlueShift!

I like the adjustable range. Usually the circles are shown using a radius of the cars range, but if your focus is taking a long trip, it's better to set the radius to half the cars range; that way, as long as the circles touch between two superchargers, you know you can probably make the trip between them (once you drive half a charge from the last supercharger, you better be no more than half a charge to the next).

Of course, this is still limited to as the crow flies. The ultimate map would look more like lightning bolts that chart out actual road miles along connecting roads, possibly taking speed limits into account as well or having adjustable speed settings.

This is awesome! It would be great to be able to add your location (a new pin drop) and have it generate a circle for that to see which superchargers are in reach of where you start with a full charge.


thank you Blue Shift

This is awesome -- truly!

Absolutely incredible. It will be perfect for 60kw owners who still want to plan cross country trips but are unsure how their range will fare on the SC map.

New version available now.

New features:

() Under "show advanced options" there is now a table with the raw data for all superchargers.
() It is now possible to turn off the range indicator circle for any supercharger.
() You can now right-click anywhere on the map and add a marker with your own label and an adjustable range indicator (see picture below).

Custom markers with adjustable range indicators:

This is a great tool, Blueshift. Very useful when actually making trips.


Just beautiful. Very nice work.

nice job!

but ANYTHING would be an improvement, IMO.

i figure they must have a some underachiever or maybe some bigwig's nephew or niece, in the IT department and they gave him/her this job because they thought..., well, they thought they could minimize the damage he or she could do... IDK.

whatever the cause it's not very representative of the quality i've come to expect from Tesla Motors.

That's not Teslamotors work. Read the bottom of the main page.

He means the original, official version.

That would make more sense.

Awesome. Maybe we can get the planned sites on here as well, with a switch to turn on and off current, under-construction, and planned?

This is very cool! After playing around with different distances, etc., I think it would be really cool if I could put in starting and ending points and then use selected superchargers as waypoints in between to get directions.

I guess the custom map markers could be used as starting and ending point.

Fantastic! Its reduced Range Anxiety for my co-pilot. Funny how there is always a delta in the Range Anxiety when two or more are in the car. Holding the wheel makes you more optimistic or is it hopeful?

You have much control over wh/mi with your right foot, so you feel in charge! Your passenger, not so much.

Today there are two ribbon-cutting ceremonies:
Rocky Mount, NC
Quartzsite, AZ


This is great

Now go Global and Europe!


Blue Shift,

Can you change the Quartzsite SC from 'under construction' to an active SC.


Great tool. Thanks!

Per Cheyenne, WY city planning:
New supercharger in Cheyenne at:
Frontier Mall
1400 Dell Range Blvd, Cheyenne, WY
The plans were submitted last month and approved last week. The charge station will be located behind Chipotle and Olive Garden at the Mall.
The permits have been issued

@Nicoletta RE: Quartzsite acitve


I couldn't find any information to confirm that these locations are under construction:

Roseville, CA
Huntsville, TX

And if they are, what are their coordinates? I prefer to have coordinates of under-construction sites before adding them to the wiki map as it is more than just progress tracking image, but a navigation tool as well. I plan to add routing features soon.

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