German pricing, I'm in tears and out of the game

In Germany the Tesla Model S will cost MORE €UROS THAN $ IN US!... so, the price is more than 30% above the US-pricing!
That's real bad, Teslas. I'm a stockholder, reservationholder and follower since 2010, but this is just ... wordless.
Better, I use my ICE for the next Years and everyone else should, too ... the teslaguys always told me, there will be more or less 15% priceincrease, but 30%?
71000€ for the 60KW/h and more than 100.000€ pricing for the performance is just barefaced.
If Your goal is to bring EV's to a broader market, just make a fair price!

Brian - car export is big business for Germany like Japan. Both countries consume around 3 million cars a year, but produce 6 million in the country. However both have no oil, so the political pressure for alternative fuels is much higher then the US.

I did reserv my S as well, the pricing is honest vs. US. In Estonia we get 18000 EUR cash support from state for such car. Tesla S will go on my wifes name, as every citizen has right for one such incentive and I already got it for my Leaf. I still have parents and sister and brother and kids... TM of course loves to compare their S to German top brands, but they are very far from them. I consider my S as a real adventure, one of cars main features is reliabilty and looking into Teslas experience vs all other producers you can't really have ANY hopes. One thing which I for sure will not order is air suspension. Thats far the weakest part of luxury brands cars who dare to have it. First few years it's fine, but after 5+ years in colder climate even Porsche can't get it reliable. It's also vital part of vehicle. I really like the concept of Tesla S, thats why I reserved it. Give it some more years and it will be a nice product. Hopefully when I get my car many things are already improved. I took a testdrive a month ago, drivetrain and looks are great, finishing work...chinese level. Model X shall be one of the worst looking cars in 2014 motor world, but thats entirely my personal taste, S looks are almost perfect. Let's see what they will work out for charging, but plan of their own supercharger network in Europe is a really good reason not to buy their stock. They should really get chademo capabilty. I'm just so bored with ordinary cars and can't wait for my cool and expensive adventure! It makes your day when you see it in your garage every morning!


very interesting point of view! I agree (and disagree) in a lot of points.

It's not the german tax.

I'm living in Switzerland and I compare the prices net without tax.

The price is really higher at least here in Switzerland.

The biggest "problem" is that the 40 kWh version is not offered here in Europe. Unfortunately the 40 kWh version would be the right fit for me. My daily drive distance in total is about 20 km. If I drive to the next big city (Zurich) then the distance each way is 30 km, so 60 km total.

So it would make sense to offer the 40 kWh version in Europe, because everything is smaller. Compared to the USA where the larger version makes sense because of the bigger driving distances.

Good point silvio,

There are many more potential customers in EU countries who could be potential Model S customers if the smallest battery option were offered here also... exactly as in examples such as yours.

I only commute 6 km each way to/from work and the furthest I would ever drive (except on holiday) is 40 km to the airport (80 km return). So a 40 kWh Model S would be great as a "second car" for 95 % of our commuting requirements (except we don't have any car at present, so it would actually be our only car).

But I'm actually considering the 85 kWh option for the sake of the other 5 % of trips (ie - to visit family in Denmark or friends in Germany). Of course we'll have to stop to charge, but it'll certainly be faster than biking.

Yes, we do actually bike from Oslo to Denmark. Last time was a 12-day trip = 8 days on the road and 4 days with family at the destination. Compared to these figures, the odd 30 minute charge-stop will seem a dream :)

@krist...porche is not a reliable car. at least the one's here in the US.

Silvio: With those short distances I don't think a Model S fits the bill at all, you should probably be looking at the iMiEV or the Leaf at most.

And we do drive long distances here in Norway. The days I take the Model S out of the garange, it will most probably do at least 120 miles that day. We already have a Leaf for the short trips but need a long distance car too. I'd happily pay $10k extra for a 110kWh battery...

My guesstimate is that TM figured there were lots of small EVs in Europe able to do the 150 km range, and wanted to be in a distinct class. Given the size of the car (dictated by the large battery/skateboard), the urban commuting market is not "favourable ground" to compete in. But no one else offers the 250-400 km. EV option. BTW, did you notice the S/H hints by Elon that SC was about to get a step-change improvement in charging speed? So maybe the 30-min stops will become 10-15.

I still think the main reason behind the 40's exclusion from Europe is the wall voltage. I don't think the 40's can make the switch easily enough, whereas the 60s and 85s can.

Maybe I'm wrong, but that's my guess.

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