Glass panoramic roof

Live in the Tucson, AZ area and looking to order a P85 with the panoramic glass roof. Any comments from AZ buyers as to how practical this is with our "occassional warm sunny" weather.

I have the pano and it does a great job at keeping the heat out. Some days I park outside for 6+hrs during the summer, that's when I use the mobile app to pre-cool the car. I don't feel any heat from the roof when I'm driving under the sun. The windshield on the other hand lets a lot of heat through. I'm thinking of having film installed on it.

It does a great job at blocking the heat. It's a dark tint so the sun isn't to bright and it doesn't bother me. The wife and I are glad we got the panoramic roof. I am in Phoenix and got the car in May so we have been through the summer. Also, the panoramic roof does seem to give you and your rear passengers more headroom.

I forgot to mention that I live in Gilbert, AZ.

Windshield IR block seems to be the biggest improvement.

A lot more innovations could be implemented on the windshield.

I'm in Tucson and have the pano roof. Recently I have been driving a Model S loaner with a solid roof. I can't tell the difference in heat in the car. I have also gotten all the glass (except pano) covered with PhotoSync tint. It's made a huge difference.

I live in Gilbert, pano roof is a plus.

Yes, that makes the most sense.

We're in Phoenix; pano is awesome.

DEFINITELY get the sunroof. Totally makes the car. Just get the tint. I went with the 15 dark tint on the roof and it's perfect. Blocks out enough sun (as there is no shade) and the heat reduction is fantastic as well.

I live in a sunny area and i'm glad i did not get the sunroof. Trust me, the sunroof gets hot (not warm as claimed by others) if you drive or park in the sun most of the day time. Your ac will have to work doubly hard on a sunny day if you have sunroof.

@ mikefa... just get the 15 tint on the roof. It totally solves the heat problem. Plus I think it looks great too as I have a black car. I just got my car back from the service center today... I'll take some photos....

It's not like you have to spend a lot of money. I tinted my entire car including both sunroofs and front windshield for something like $575.

Tinted glass is not as effective as an absorption-free metallic coating by a spectroselective reflector.

I'm in Gilbert AZ too and think the Pano roof is a real plus. It's no worries at all during the summer months. I have been driving in town with it open in the evenings since March of this year and I'm just beginning to drive with it open all the time, except long freeway drives. The AZ climate from September through March each year should be absolutely ideal for having a sun roof and actually enjoying it everyday:) I have had a sunroof in other climates and not used it that much there. In Arizona, I think it is a must, and you'll use it! ..... a lot!

BTW three of us here in Gilbert..?? I haven't seen another Tesla Model S in the greater Gilbert area in the six months I've had mine. I'm glad that there are more local owners out there. I'm powering mine with a 5.4kW Solar City installed system that produces 3/4 more kWh than the car needs. NEMA 14-50 in the garage. I charge to 140 miles only unless I'm going to Payson etc., then I range charge it. I'm watching the TSCNetwork roll out with great hopes of the corridor between Phoenix, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle being open soon.. March 20, 2014 is my best guess. I want the convenience of supercharging as I go back and forth PHX>SFO>PHX. I love the car!

I was thinking the same thing! Though once I did see a grey MS by Mercy Gilbert.

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