Glitches and Problems

Now that a lot of deliveries ahve been made, there appears to be numerous threads with some sort of problem or another with the Model S. I am starting this thread in an attempt to consolidate these issues for owners. Please list your issues as briefly and succinctly as possible. Thanks!

@Timo: They don't use salt in CA either; only sand on the roads and required chains on our tires in the mountains when it's snowing. We can't really complain much about ice and snow here in CA...

bbmertz: likely all of your RF reception problems are related to antenna grounding or other simple fixes. I believe there are a total of 3 antennae in the MS, two are related to GPS (one is Garmin, the other GPS). Fixing my GPS problem fixed ALL RF issues

I've had similar issues as previously described:

1) FM reception is crap
2) Air leak with the passenger side window
3) Sunroof takes two attempts to open
4) Speaker rattles at mid tones around the driver side kick panel (I seem to be the only one complaining about this...??)

@KevinE, regarding the air leak -- I've managed an easy fix to this by manually adjusting the window (for some reason the "fully closed" position leaves a leak, but if you push the button down for a second, it actually forms a seal). Additionally, I've read other reports that this is something the service center can adjust and correct.

Otherwise, I'm perfectly happy. Approaching a month, 1200 miles so far.

Has the latest v4.2 software update resolved any of these issues mentioned here? Has it caused any problems?

Others have reported 4.2 fixes the sunroof problem. I've had 4.2 for a few days an no issues so far.

@anpahwa, thanks for the tip! Called Tesla Service and they will fix it during my next visit.

Anyone having issues with the USB ports? Mine charge just fine, but devices are not being recognized.

I just received my car today. I have to say the car is Awesome on the road. Handles well and is very quick getting to the speed limit. I am also impressed with the regen while braking. I do have some issues and gripes.

Issues. The rear trunk light will not shut off.
The wiper when tested didn't go down all the way. I will call Tesla and see if i can get these working properly.

Gripes. The Maps if you don't buy the tech package do not allow you to get directions. They will show the roads but you cannot use the google maps for route planning. Very big mistake. Even my phone can do this with google maps. Wish this would get corrected soon.
Next grip is there are no rear cup holders and none along the driver and passenger doors. In stead they put the cupholders where your arm should go. I don't think that was very well thought through, or perhaps they didn't try using the car with other people in it. I would agree that it caters to the driver in all other areas. I am still happy to own it I just wish the car was perfect in every way.


For what it's worth.....I do not believe that keeping these threads private is a proper perspective. New or future owners should be alerted to issues.... As they can better prepare newbies for what MIGHT occur or to better accep same until updates. It is truly better for TMC to have upcoming owners understand what can be expected. And....that there are pretty reliable fixes as well. Keeping private just starts a whole new line of frustration that would otherwise be understood.
Fred z

The above issues are very old. This thread was created when the first cars were delivered a year and a half ago. Problems resolved, features added.

Most posts are public.

P.S. Tesla is VERY responsive!

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