A company named after my favorite inventor, looking to revolutionize the motor industry in a way that really helps the environment. I know the company is still just getting started and unfortunately for me, I won't be able to afford one anytime soon but I really wish Tesla all the best! I first heard about Tesla on some TV show when they were still working on getting out the Roadster and thought it was cool but had serious doubts about it because of the price tag. Regardless, I'm glad it worked out. I really hope this company takes off so that once it's more financially sound, it can manufacture cars for everyone and make gasoline cars a thing of the past. Also, how great is it that Tesla is also changing the way we buy cars? My biggest issue with car dealerships are its salesmen. Personally, I'm not a car enthusiast so if this was just another expensive car company, I would careless about it and the people who make them but because I truly see this company as a symbol of ingenuity, I just had to share my thoughts and show some support. Best of luck and I look forward to being a future customer.

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