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I have been complaining that there are no good apps or websites that help us find places to stay that have usable charging facilities. If I were ambitious, I would try to create such a site or spreadsheet (I don't know how to create an app). However, until that happens, I thought I would start a thread where people can list hotels, motels, RV parks, etc., where you can stay overnight and easily charge your Model S. Please include enough detail to make the list useful. I'll start with a couple of places out west, and bump the thread periodically by editing this first post with additions.

1. Seven Feathers Casino Resort and Truck & Travel Center in Canyonville OR, south of Roseburg. Owned by the Umpqua Indian Development Corporation, this facility is about halfway between Seattle and SF. The hotel is good quality and inexpensive, plus the company has several other places to stay nearby, along with five restaurants, entertainment, and other recreational opportunities. The truck stop is across the highway, accessible by a free, 24 hour shuttle. It has a free 70 amp Roadster charger (adapter required for S), a free 30 amp Aerovironment charger, and a CHAdeMO DC fast charger. The adjacent RV park also has NEMA 14-50 outlets, but I believe there is a cost to using them.

2. Heathman Hotel, Portland OR. Located in downtown Portland, the Heathman is a luxury hotel with all the amenities. A pair of Blink level 2 chargers is located in their garage. I have not used these chargers (I HAVE stayed in the hotel, and it is really nice), but I was told that a charging spot can be reserved by guests. I booked under an AARP rate, and parking was free, but there would otherwise be a cost to parking as well as using the Blink chargers. I don't believe these chargers are listed in ReCargo or the other apps.

3. Paso Robles Oaks Hotel, on Highway 101 between LA and SF. See thread started by Hills,

4. We found this hotel well situated in Novato. The restaurant is great, the hotel is okay and the staff couldn't have been more helpful. Even put up cones to reserve the charging station. It's only a J1772 (ChargePoint) but it sure saved our skin when we wandered too far from home.

Inn Marin
250 Entrada Dr, Novato, CA
(415) 883-5952

5. The Hyatt at Indian Wells, CA. They have a 14-50 in their valet parking area. $25 bucks to valet is alot cheaper than a tank of gas!

6. Salt Lake City UT: Hilton Salt Lake City Center has a NEMA 14-50 in their valet parking area.

7. La Jolla, CA (near San Diego): Hotel La Jolla has a NEMA 14-50 around back for guests, 7955 La Jolla Shores Drive La Jolla, CA 92037

8. North of Baltimore, MD: Residence Inn and Fairfield Inn, White Marsh has a park-and-ride across the street with several Chargepoint Level 3 J-1772 connectors.

9. KOA at Circus Circus in Las Vegas, NV is next to the hotel. They charge a 24 hour "storage" fee of $20 plus tax to park in a paved RV space and hook up to the NEMA 14-50. No overnight sleeping in the car allowed!


Montauk Yacht Club-Montauk NY
Equinox Hotel-Manchester VT

Both have 14-50 outlets-free to use.

Pebble Beach Resort is currently installing chargers. There are 2 on line at The Inn at Spanish Bay. Each has a 14-50 outlet and a J1772 cable which will reach the length of the Model S.

I tested both 14-50's (you get 40 amps), but could not get the J1772's to work - 'check charger' msg came on the 17" display and the iPhone App. Personnel are contacting electricians to check.
Could not check to see what happens with 2 vehicles charging.

They will soon be installing at The Lodge.

It has not been stated that they are for hotel guests only. But then, you are a guest once you pay admission at the gates.

They are Gratis.

Side note: you have to park under pine trees to use - watch for sap.

Don't know if these have been reported:

Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn has NEMA 14-50 (40A, 208V).

Bacara Resort in Goleta near Santa Barbara has NEMA 14-50

Hyatt Highlands Inn, Carmel, CA has 110V plug in garage that they will let you use overnight

And if you see a blob of pine sap falling towards the car, just what do you recommend doing?? ;p

The Greenbrier Resort here in WV has EV charging. J1772. Free for guests, call ahead and they will rope you off a spot. For those that have never been to WV or the Greenbrier, it would be a great road trip.

King of Prussia Mall in PA. Tesla has a roadster charger, HPWC, and 3 NEMA 14-50 outlets. Call ahead so there will be an open spot for you. Several hotels with all price ranges within 1/4 mile.

@Brian H

"And if you see a blob of pine sap falling towards the car, just what do you recommend doing??"

It's obvious to the most casual observer. You block it with your body - or if one is nearby - throw a family member to block it. Make sure the family member goes well over the car so as not to land on it.

Actually, the Model S incredible acceleration, you could simply hop in and drive it out of the way!

Just back from a long weekend on the North shore of Lake Tahoe. The Hyatt Incline, NV offers free charging for its guests with two 240V 14-50 EV charging stations.
Be aware that they are exposed to the elements, meaning snow, rain, and pine pitch. I suggested some sort of canopy but I doubt that they'll go for it as all other parking is uncovered.

This is really great, thank you very much. Looking for a hotel in San Diego with charging. If anyone knows

I charged at Asilomar Conference center in Pacific Grove,CA (Monterey) on a chargepoint charger. When I arrived a model S was charging and two more were parked around the facility.

I've donated 90 amp chargers to the following Hotels in NYS:

Best western Carrier Circle, syracuse

Colgate Inn Hamilton, ny (100 amp)

BEst Western Soverign, Albany NY

All are listed on plug share. Syracuse charges $5


Well done!

Did not know this site existed until just a few weeks ago. I would presume other hotel chains have something similar:

That's nice, but that's only a small fraction of of the 3,800 hotels they have. 20 hotels out of 3,800...

@shop - it also isn't up to date -- I stayed at a Marriott in Chattanooga, TN that has had 2 Blink chargers since at least January 2012.

Cordevalle Spa and Resort - San Martin, CA - Just south of san jose. two chargers - both free.

Does anyone know of a good hotel reservation site with EV Charging as an amenities option? Hipmunk surprisingly does not have this feature. (If anyone knows Steve or Adam ask if they can add it. ;)

Not a reservation site, but the Plugshare app (not the website) finally has a filter for "near Hotels." However, it's pretty incomplete.

Also, I recently learned that Le Puy Inn in Oregon's Willamette Valley wine country ( has a 240V 30A J1772 charging station available for free to guests. It also has a 9.9 kW solar array.

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