Has Anyone Experienced A Roof Leak?

I live in the land of liquid sunshine (Western Washington) and have ordered a Model S. Has anyone experienced roof leak issue? If so, please describe how Tesla handled the issues of wet seats, wet carpet, etc.

No leaks here.

I live in Seattle. No leaks.

I also live in the Puget Sound and don't have a leak problem, but of course, the majority of Model Ses are only a couple months old.

Yes. I accidentally opened the roof during a demonstration ride, showing off, during a rainstorm. Damn rain came right in, no respect for the EMF that I though would repel it....

One month with the Model S in Seattle, no leaks. You might want to re-ask this question in the Washington-specific forum:

I was told the MS Panoramic roof seal is designed not to be perfect. It is designed to keep most of the water out. The water that gets in is caught by a drip tray, which then is channeled, internally to the roof pillars, to the ground.

Note: The Tesla Rep who told me this also told me a couple of things that later proved to be wrong. I have also owned other cars that employ this strategy with success.

During a Thanksgiving trip to Seattle my S was parked in an outdoor hotel lot while some 12 inches of rain fell overnight. The Pano roof did fine, but water did get trapped in the rear liftgate. Tesla rangers came to my house a few months later and put in new seals around the rear taillights. Haven't had the car in rain like that since, so not sure if it did the trick.


It took more than 1 Ranger? Heavy!

Pungoteague_Dave that's not called an accident. In technical terms it's called a user-interface error, and in this incendent, the error being balanced more on the user side!

I'm only making fun because I did something similar. There was sort of a sitting pool of water on top of the roof. "Pool" is exaggerating it some, but it wasn't just a bunch of droplets clinging to the glass. Even though I saw it, I decided to open the roof a little anyway, and abunch of the water started dripping in. I did manage to hit close right away, but yeah, I had some wiping up to do.

Thanks to everyone for the thoughtful comments. It's nice to see my WA neighbors have a good sense of humor. I plan to host a gathering after my car arrives. Best regards to all and thanks again!

@olanmills | FEBRUARY 28, 2013
I also live in the Puget Sound and don't have a leak problem, but of course, the majority of Model Ses are only a couple months old.

That reminds me of the guy arriving in Ketchikan for 10th time to pouring rain. As he disembarks from the airport ferry, he sees a young boy standing at the dock, and asks "Does it ALWAYS rain here?" The boy replies, "I don't know. I'm only eight years old."

I was in Ketchikan when it was over 80 degrees. Being from the NW we had to whine about the heat.

It was sweltering, I say!

but the EMF kills babies, so why doesn't it fry the water before it gets in?

I have a problem where sometimes the back hatch collects water. Its rather annoying where I open the hatch and reach in to get something and the water drains onto me from the rather loose plugs in the bottom of the hatch as it rises up. Anybody else had that? Have not studied it to see where the inlet is.

80 in the pouring rain in Ketchikan sounds positively sub-tropical! (Not tropical; it's always 76° in the tropics.)

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