Have you seen an S on the road today?

My wife and I, waiting for our S, play a silly game: "Seen a S today on the road?" Then we look at where we saw them. So far I have the record: just 2 in a day so far. All but one were in the mid-peninsula area. One black one seen entering I85 in Cupertino. Somehow it is satisfying to me to see them showing up. None seen so far appear to be demos: no copilot. Res number P7214 with Feb-Mar est delivery.

Well, somebody near Escondido driving a Dodge Challenger SRT8 saw my Model S's tail lights as he challenged me at a merge...

We saw one yesterday ... ours :)

My view rate is about 1 per day on the road. Great to exchange headlight salutes, wave and notice the driver is grinning.... just like me!
I am also getting greeted by other marques- like hot Caddi's, B'mers, Ferrari'es etc. Even had one Caddi invite me to drag race on I280...I think it was one of those supercharged items.. it was fast! I declined his offer- too many cars and it was in a highly patrolled area. And hey... I just have a mild mannered nonperformance MS....:)

My fuel bill? near zero.
Other marque's fuel bill???? mucho!

I'm happy and ranting on.

Just mine, and its the first one I've seen in my area, in the northern suburbs of NYC (although the local service center says 300 are on the road)

Finally saw an MS in the northwest suburbs of Chicago (in the South Barrington area). It was white with temp plates and it looked pretty sharp! I should get mine late March/early April (I hope).

saw a new grey model S on Ocean St and hwy 17 (in Santa Cruz) entrance last week!

I joined a musk of Tesla's today! We had 4 in a row driving on Charleston in Mt View. 2 grey, 1 blue, and 1 sig red - all were beautiful!!

I don't know what's up with my subdivision (talega in San Clemente, less than 3000 homes) but there is at least 4 that I see all the time, get mine on Sunday to make 5 (at least)

I saw one in san diego area yeaterday and another today. I went by the service center for San Diego to order a dryer plug adapter and they had about a dozen to be prepped. I was told that there are now over 150 in the San Diego area.

My story is about the other side of spotting an S:

I was on my way to work early this morning. Waiting to pull out of the neighborhood, a pickup drives by with the driver looking hard at me in my blue S. I pull out and I am 2 cars behind him. A few miles down the road, he pulls onto a side street and pulls out behind me. He follows close until we reach a stop sign. As I am waiting to turn left, I watch him remove his seatbelt and reach for something from the passenger side floorboard. As he is sliding back up, I am looking for an escape route cause this is beginning to feel like a car-jacking. Then I see the camera. I pause so he can snap a pic, then demonstrate the acceleration. Tesla paparrazi is a surreal phenomenon.

I've seen about six in the past month in Houston, TX.

Saw my first Model S (brown color) in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, PA on Sunday 3/10/2013.

1 white Ms zipped by me on Pacheco Pass yesterday. No plates yet. One gray one in Porterville Ca on Sunday.

I saw 4 today driving north on 101 on the SF peninsula. One of them was the first brown Model S I've seen - very nice!

I was driving through the canyon today outside Logan Utah wishing I had my S with me to enjoy such a road. As I emerge from the bottom of the canyon a gray S pulled out behind me and passed before turning off again. They were clearly on a short test drive. It had the California strip of paper for temporary registration in the rear window and the 85 badge. It also had a white sign for the rear plate with red letters stating Tesla Motors. I wonder if all cars are being shipped with this sign where the tag will go. I think it would have helped me until my permanent tags arrived.
I would never have guessed I would see a Tesla in Logan Utah. They must be ubiquitous now. Can't wait to get back and drive mine again.

I've spotted a black one several times in the Banner Elk, NC area on HWY 105. We're talking very small town in rural NC mountains. Beautiful car! Certainly stands out. Model S envy here :)

My wife and I took a drive to White Rock, BC, Canada tonight and there were two more MS's in the parking lot along the water! Go BC!

Finally spotted one in Massachusetts up 93. Waiting anxiously for mine to be delivered.

Chicago, western subs,
White Model S on 355 northbound @ North ave exit ramp,
Also White Model S , west bound on Butterfield @ Finley, Downers Grove, I'll
Different people driving, may have been the same one, relatively close locations.

I saw 4 Teslas on the road today, one black one on 280 north who passed me and we waved at each other, then a white one on Sand Hill rd, then another grey one a few minutes later on a residential street in Menlo Park, yes pretty close to the service center, but the service center is not open on weekends. Another black or blue on later on Hwy 1 in Santa Cruz. Not counting my dad's silver one in his garage when I visit today. it is a record for me, when on the road. Of course I saw more than dozens when ne Santana Row Tesla store new opening last week, and 10+ when we had owners meet-up, it was a beautiful sight to see so many in one place.

Watts of Teswas!

I was in Laguna Beach last weekend driving along Cliff drive and saw a black tesla go by the opposite direction. Then when I got to the bottom of Cliff Drive, I saw another black one go by on Broadway. Then when I finally turned onto Broadway, I saw another white Tesla on Forest avenue and as he turned onto Broadway we exchanged the Tesla wave :-)

That's 4 of us literally within a block or so !

And this morning, I saw one on hwy 40 in Durham by the RTP !


Was that Sardine canyon, between Logan and Wellsville? That blows me away! That is one of the last places I would expect to find an S! I lived in Logan for 9 years, so I know that canyon well. One of these days I'll take a road trip back over there to see some old friends who still live there.

Never expected an S in Logan either and did a double take. Actually the sighting was on 89 (400 N Logan) coming down from Bear lake, right before I got to the USU Logan campus. They were coming out of the residential area at the bottom of the canyon. Every day I keep looking for the car hoping they live here and were not just visiting for the weekend. It would be fun to drive a car that doesn't wheeze on account of the air density through the 8000+ ft passes out here. I'll keep scanning the charging and reservation maps to see if they place a pin.

Yesterday, after leaving Carmax disappointed in how little they were offering me for my Acura (and wondering if I made the right decision to get the S), I stopped to get a salad at Which Wich and what pulled in behind me but an S in the same color grey that I ordered. I think it was an omen ;)

I am supposed to get my S tomorrow afternoon and and will just have to deal with Carmax's offer and move on to newer and better motoring. Looking forward to that grin.

I lost count yesterday, driving to and from SFO and down and back to Gilroy. Nice that we are saluting each other by flashing our headlights or waving. Traveled a few miles with a black S on 101 south. Then he decided to leave and zipped forward out of sight in several seconds.
Surprised that at around 10pm, no one was at the Gilroy charging station. One In n Out burger later we were topped off and back on the road north. Again surprised not to see any S all the way home.

Forgot that I saw one at Duckys car wash earlier while getting my truck washed. Sure hope the driver of a black S discovers EcoGreen as a better way to wash his S, for roughly the same price.

Oh, THAT canyon! Gosh, that would be a rare sighting! I would LOVE to take my S on the drive to Bear Lake! Talk about a twisty/turny roller coaster ride! I suppose that car could belong to one of the University staff. Very interesting.

I started a new thread today sharing my S spotting experience.

why not add the sightings in one thread when you are aware of this thread?


I made a mistake, how can I make it up to you?

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