HPWC shipping yet?

Has anybody received their high power wall charger yet? The Tesla Model-S "FACTS" tab (I think this is new today) says:

We recommend outfitting your garage with a 240 volt outlet or a High Power Wall Connector before your Model S arrives.

I would love to receive mine (currently on my signed MVPA) so it can be installed before my Personal Delivery! Any news?

I'm still waiting for mine. Got my car on dec 23rd.
When did you get yours...i'm trying to see how far back the line i am. =)

I guess it'll be a while for me, then; I got my care 2 days ago. ;-) Well, the 6-50 is doing well for me.

Very silly, though--Solar City e-mailed me "now that my EV charger is installed, Pepco will want to do an inspection." I wrote back that since it was not installed--just a simple 6-50 plug--they must have their wires crossed and should hold off on trying to schedule an inspection. I think Solar City's left and right hands don't know what they're doing. ;-)

Heh; for a second I read that as "left and right heads". An interesting image!

Left and right heads? That's soooo... Janus faced.

I got my S the weekend of Thanksgiving,and I still don't have the HPWC, nor the rear facing child seats...grrr.

I received and installed mine. Works great but the cable is VERY thick and stiff. I'm only running a 40AMP circuit as it would have ended up a much bigger issue to do a panel upgrade (which I didn't realize I needed when I ordered it).

Just received my High Power Wall Connector - 2/12/13 - Cable organizer did not ship with it. Signature #121 - Delivered on 11/2/12. Still loving the car and soon to be with fast charging.

I can share some install photo's if you want to PM me with your email address.


Just wondering if anyone is going to keep there nema 14-50 plug when you have your hpwc installed. Just incase you have issues with hpwc, you can still charge on the 14-50 as backup?

I had my garage wired so I can have both the 14-50 outlet and the HPWC, just in case there is a problem with the HPWC.

Still waiting for my HPWC though...

I don't have a 14-50. I got a 6-50 temporary install and the HPWC will replace it. I doubt I have the capacity for another 50 amp breaker/outlet, since they weren't sure I'd have the capacity for the 100 amps for a full-strength HPWC at first. (Fortunately we don't have a hot tub any more, so there was extra capacity and a couple of breakers available.)

For folks waiting for their HPWC, why do we have to pay another $30 bucks for shipment? I know it's not even a rounding error wrt the price of the car, but it's not our fault that they product is on backorder... has everyone had to pay this since they are not shipping with the car?

I didn't think about it until now. I didn't have to pay shipping for any of the other missing items from my order. My car was delivered minus 3 items + HPWC. To date I have received 2 of the 4 missing items.

dtesla - have you received the HPWC? If it wasn't on your MVPA as a shipping cost, perhaps you will not have to pay. still doesn't make sense.

For those of you that have received your HPWC, did you get an email notifying you that the HPWC was shipped or did it just arrive at your front door?

Just arrived at the front door

I have a later Signature and I got my HPWC around March 1st.

Solar City did the install of my temporary plug. I called them yesterday (March 4) and let them know that the HPWC arrived. First thing this morning the installer phoned and made an appointment to install the HPWC next Monday (March 11th).

There was a note in the HPWC box saying that the cable organizer is not available yet and it will follow in another shipment.

The HPWC looks really sharp and high quality.
It is like a piece of joulery. ;-)

The shipping cost was covered on my original MVPA, BTW.

I received my P-85 on December 25th and still no HPWC. Driving me crazy as I cannot get a firm ship date. Has anyone firgured out how to get precise shipping information and has anyone with a car delivered after mid-December received their HPWC?

Mine just showed up on the front porch last week. My car arrived at the end of November when the ramp-up was just starting to get rolling. I suspect the flood gates will open with the HPWC and you will be seeing one soon.

I would expect the real backlog will be the install appointments until they get caught up.

Picked up my P85 December 14th and I received my HPWC three weeks ago. It just arrived at my door step. Installed and working well. The cable hanger is still backordered. The cable is slightly longer, thicker and much heavier than the cable that came with the car.

"joulery"? Report to the PUNishment wall tomorrow morning, to be shot. <;p


Just like you, I got my car right after last Christmas and am still waiting for the HPWC to be shipped. I was told via email from Tesla that my HPWC will likely arrive sometime between mid-March and the end of March. I will keep my fingers crossed.

Got my P85 on Dec 22nd, my HPWC arrived on 2/28 via Fed ex. Installed and working the next day.

gorsak - did you have to pay for the shipping?

gorsak - did you have to pay for the shipping?

Got mine today. No shipping charge. No cable organizer.

I got mine a couple weeks ago and had it installed last week. Wickedly fast charging! Geesh does that sucker move power. I almost shudder to think how much energy moves with the Superchargers!

Still waiting on mine (VIN S01049, S1189). Luke from ownership swears they're going in order and he hasn't heard of anyone not getting them in order, but the threads are pretty clear.

Last I heard is that it was going to be manufactured on 2/28 and shipped to me.

Tesla has a good random-number generator in the HPWC factory, I suppose.

Still waiting for my HPWC

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