I don't get to drive my Model S

As a gesture of appreciation to all those that have entertained me and kept the anticipation high for delivery of my Model S I thought I would share a funny, but not to me, story.

Early on my wife was very supportive of reserving a Model S, which we did the day we test drove a Roadster almost 2 years ago. As the time to design the car came and we discussed the options, "negotiations" began to bog down. It was difficult for her to reconcile spending THAT much money on a car. My mind was in complete agreement but my heart, it was is a much different place.

Not wanting to compromise this one time, I made a bold, perhaps foolish move, and promised her that I would lose the weight she has been wanting me to lose for many years. I am now 56 and it is not so easy! But my desire to get a P85 with all the bells and whistles was just too compelling. That was in September. I thought I had plenty of time. At the end of November I was 1/2 way to the agreed upon goal and with a projected delivery of March 2013 I was ahead of schedule. Then came the option to get December delivery AND the price increase.

She agreed that it was silly to wait and be stuck with a price increase so she said go ahead and get the car. However I don't get to DRIVE the car until I lose the weight.

It was delivered today, Sunday January 6th, to a delivery party at our house with about 40 friends. We gave everyone who wanted one a ride. My wife did not care to drive. (Right now I think the car scares her.) So my 21 year old son was "called into service" to act a chauffeur.

Everyone who went came back with a big Tesla Grin. (I think he might have floored it once or twice.)

The party is over. It now sits in our garage. I sit in it and pretend. Very sad.

How's the diet going? Keep it up as it's worth the effort (though I doubt you'll make that kind of deal with your wife again!):)

@jjs, good luck.
@fluxemag, funny :)


I just found that if you register your Id into ""
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I just registered myself with the same ID and tried to send you a private message but didn't work as I assume you are not registered.

If you would like to communicate privately, please register there so that I can send you a private communication.

I'm hoping you get to drive your model s so that I can see it on the streets.

Good luck jjs, I whish you being not to far from the target...

However, you have one of the best reason to succeed.

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