I think I hold a Tesla record

In Oct 2008 I watched 60 Minutes story on Tesla, by mid November we placed a 5000 deposit. 4 years, two months and 15 days later I got the call our car is to be delivered this Sunday. Reservation # 65 for a 60 kw car. If someone has had a reservation longer and still has no car, I will gladly give up my title as the longest wait.

wtf, model S wasnt even anounced in 2008, confused...

@joey - With reservation #65, i think you are indeed the one with the longest wait.

@kilimats - Model S was announced back in June 2008. (

I only waited 1 year, 6 months, 1 day and 2 hours :o) Congratulations on your delivery & record.

Joey, I'm sure one of my fellow 40kWh buyers will eventually beat your record. Congratulations on getting your car. You deserve it!

Reservation placed 3/26/2009 at the launch event (# R75)...still waiting (patiently) for the 40kwh w/ standard suspension. Happy and excited for everyone that has received their car!!! This is not a record I want to hold...

@DaveR75, great job on waiting!

Even if I order something simple, it goes FedEx or UPS, so that I can track it every day.

It sure would be cool, if the "My Tesla" page displayed something like this:
1. Reserved.
2. Ready to Build.
3. Waiting on paperwork.
4. Queued for build, you are currently position 1,234.
5. Tesla is building your car.
6. Begin your financing on your loan.
7. You car is close to completion, please send funding.
8. Payment received.
9. You car is ready for pickup / delivery from 2/1/2013 - 2/15/2013


Chuck Lusin: +1

When I finally get my car I may beat you by ~12 months: I reserved as soon as the S was announced (UK #5) and it looks like we won't get our cars until the end of 2013 :-(

I initially had a reservation down for the Roadster in 2007 and transfered it across to the model S, so I've been funding Tesla for over 5 years!

Chuck Lusin +1

Who knows, living in the UK and placed the order ages ago, I might beat you

@Chuck Lustin
Don't forget the last important part which IMO should be your car is in transit with the carrier and here is the Bill of Lading number to track it's progress with the carrier. This of course does not happen and currently requires multiple calls to carrier or Tesla PS/DS and being reluctantly given conflicting and changing information during transit. I still don't understand why I can easily track a tiny/cheap package I order on Amazon but an $80,000 car is shrouded in mystery during transit.

My prediction is that the record will eventually go to someone from AUS/NZ.


Very true, it really can not be that hard.

Come on Tesla programmers, we know that you can do it!

@joey: I will come close to your dubious achievement, don't think I will beat it though. Looks like DaveR75 will have the best shot. I'm P-482 (60kW, air suspension) and this April it will be 4 years since plunking down $5k. The current (moving) estimate from Tesla is March, but I have not received any call yet.

It sounds like Tesla needs to hire UPS or Fedex to deliver their cars. ;-)

Or at least hire them as consultants to help the figure out a tracking system.

Not backing Tesla on who they use, but I deal with and I am also a programmer of transportation system tracking and processing for a US manufacture. Because Tesla has to deliver to all parts of the country and these are bulk transportation companies there are lots of Mom and Pop companies that have to be used and as hard as it is to believe, there are lots of companies that do not have up to date systems or programmers to provided the tracking information required. All of that being said, it is up to Tesla to choose and force their sub-contractors to live up to the level of customer service that Tesla wants to be known for!!

Now that there are iPhone/Andriod apps for the Model S, all Tesla needs to do is associate your VIN with that system before they ship your car. You would then be able to track the vehicle's location from the app. Much more precise even than what you get from FedEx/UPS.

Yeah, and you can also honk the horn, flash the lights, and open the sun roof while the car is in transit! ;)

Thereby driving the driver bonkers and into the ditch. Bad plan!

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