Interior Temperature display in app sometimes missing

Is there a reason the Interior Temperature display on the mobile app (I'm using the iOS version) does not always show up? When the climate control has turned off the temperature display sometimes goes missing. Turning the climate control on and then off seems to return it.

I noticed this too and am using the Android version. Most of the time I can not see the interior temperature until after I have already turned the climate control on.

Same experience with the iOS version here

The temp monitor inside the car seems to have a sleep mode. Now to put the whole car to sleep Tesla.

I don't see an inside temp reading in the car. Yes I can set the inside temp but what is the cabin temp? Am I missing something?

Designers/programmers trying to economize on real estate.
"Who needs to see a number when their bare skin is feeling the temperature?"

@Brian H

My dog can't read numbers and his skin isn't bare either.
We like to monitor the cabin temperature with the app when we leave him in the car. We leave the AC on for him so he's comfortable.

I have wondered about how accurate the app's cabin temperature reading is and wondered about where the temperature probe is. It would be nice to have something to compare the application's temperature to so that we can have more confidence in the numbers we see.

How about accuracy? My (iOS) app says it is 108 degrees F in the car right now?!?! It is in a parking lot in the full sun but it is only 73 degrees outside.... I think I will vent the car now! Oh, the interior temp. is not always displayed on my app.

I've noticed the same thing on the Android app. It seems to show up eventually if I wait or click around to other tabs in the app.

That said, I too would like a little more confidence in the accuracy. 40 minutes ago I saw it was 111 (it's 82 outside) so I vented the roof, and now it's 115.

The interior sensor seems to be in some screwball place like the heating vent.

agree with Brian H.. It shows me 80 when parked in garage for days and the outside temp is in the 50s.. not believable.

I'm having an ongoing discussion with TM about this. Last night I drove for 45 minutes with the outside temp at abut 80 and the interior target temp set to 76. When I got home and looked at the app it said the interior actual temp was 82. Confused.

I don't believe the 120 degrees that was displayed. I live in New England and it is not even summer yet.

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