iphone or android app to manage Tesla Model S ??

Will the Tesla Model S incorporate a mobile app that communicates the cars stats? i.e. temp, battery remaining, distance that it can travel, map of near by destination points, locations of charging stations, etc.

The Nissan Leaf has this plus the ability to turn on features such as warming up the car, or cooling it via AC during the summer.

The Chevy Volt can be programmed to delay charging based on a set schedule or electricity rates; doing so can be controlled and monitored via a smartphone application.

sorry ... posted to wrong thread :-)

Wow... old thread, but I'll weigh in.

In order of preference:

Android, Wp7/8, WebOS, iOS.

--- Cherif

Here's a thought... unless someone else also came up with it... How about a Virtual FOB within the app? This way, it's one less thing to carry around.

--- Cherif


I think the problem with a virtual key in the app would be the need for an additional transmitter in the phone (if it worked directly), or a cell phone signal (if it worked via the web). I could envision being in my underground parking garage with no signal, unable to open my car.

By the way, I agree with the order of preference in your previous post. It irks me that so many posts compare Tesla to Apple (as a company), as if it's a compliment. Not how I see it...

Is Bluetooth secure enough and active when the car is asleep?

Wp 7/8?? Seriously, NO ONE supports that garbage!

And WebOS?? Really, do you really believe that Tesla should waist their time on a dead OS?

Reality Check, there is only two mobile OS's that should be considered; Android and iOS. If Tesla were to consider a third OS, it would likely be Blackberry, since BB has about 12% of the market compared to WP with less than 2%.

Blackberry is dead as well. I don't short stocks, but if I did, that would be one if the ones I would.

If the ones - OF the ones


I was figuring Bluetooth, but I also see BYT's point... BT isn’t on, then it wouldn't work and a second antenna would be needed.
Alternate idea… a flat FOB (as mentioned in another forum thread)?

--- Cherif


LOL... I think that you missed my point. I have a visceral dislike of iOS and everything that it stands for, hence my putting it at far end or my preference and was disturbing the hornet’s nest, for shits and giggles.

I’ve dabbled in f Wp7 and expect Wp8 to be about the same.
Is it crap? Not sure… I actually like its interface a lot and feel that it has potential. The only reason why I haven’t committed to them is their absolutely atrocious keyboard (get Swype compatibility and I’m there). Another down side is the abysmal App Support (but that’s just the classic Chicken and the Egg thing).

WebOS, was put in for effect.

My primary mobile ecosystem (phone, tablets…) are Android. I have one of each mobile listed in my original post because I like to stay on top of the tech.

In all seriousness, I expect Tesla to provide support to the two most prevalent mobile systems out there, i.e. Android and iOS. However, I’d welcome their effort if it included the top three or four.

--- Cherif

I wonder when the app(s) come(s) out as I would love to monitor state of charge and other aspects of my car from my phone while away from it physically.

BYT, it can't be long now. Rumor has it that GB is already using a beta version. Another rumor says that the app is already done for one platform but they want to publish for multiple platforms at the same time. The app has been announced all along and there is massive demand. I don't see why it wouldn't become available soon.

What happened to this app?

It's coming very soon, any day now...Word on the street is that Apple has approved it for the App Store, and it's in Tesla's hands on when it's ready to be released. My guess is in the next couple of weeks (fingers crossed!). Whenever it's released, it will be interesting to see how much they have enhanced it from the prototype shown in that video, to the current reality.

Hopefully not negative enhancement!

ETA for smart-phone apps will be by next conference call i.e. < 6 weeks.

In my opinion, support for all the major smartphones is needed. I have a Pioneer receiver, which comes with support for iDevices, and that's probably nice for those who have an iDevice. But for those who don't, it's just annoying. People have preferences when choosing their smartphone, and for me I would hate it if my Model S does not let me use my smartphone of choice.

Which happens to be Windows Phone.

iOS and Android are accounting for 90% of the smart phone market. From an Android perspective, I developing for 4.x and leaving all the others behind is a must! The application will be limited in its experience if 2.3 is targeted. iOS is by far easier to develop for from a version perspective. Nonetheless, Android and iOS get the lion's share of smart phones.

I heard that the delay in getting the iOS app out is that Android & iOS are getting released together. Apple is ready and Android seems close now.

I'm on the beta program and there have been a lot of Android updates in the last few weeks while it's been about 3 weeks since the last iPhone build. Makes sense they want to release them both at the same time.

@joepruitt: Thanks for the update!

I need a WP7 app too, or at the very least a mobile web site with at least some key functioanlity (like remote climate).

WP has a small marketshare, but I'm willing to bet that the percentage of Model S customers in the Seattle area that have WP is significantly higher than the overall market (though that still might not be saying much).

Still Tesla, come on, it wouldn't be that hard! Or give us an API and let us do it!


How is the beta version different from the original on Youtube?, not buy much. I gave a wavier I wouldn't discuss details but it's pretty close to the beta still. I think they've been working on performance of the APIs more than features. It's cool to show off, but I don't find myself using it very often.

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