REGISTREERINLOGGEN Elon Musk Brief Interview

Two new tid bits for me:

- GenIII may be named "Model E" (why? what would that refer to?) although he may just have been kidding.

- And the rear view cameras replacing side mirrors in the Model X are intended for the production version. Wow!

S, X and E ... what do you think he was chuckling about?

:-P Bah, I'm officially naive... It's definitely "E" for "economic", don't you think? ;-)

I tweeted Elon back on Aug 20th about the Indiegogo site that is trying to save old Nikola Tesla Lab site...

-Aug 20th: Chris Borders ‏@ChrisTikiMan
@elonmusk FYI...

-Aug 22nd: Elon Musk ‏@elonmusk
"Glad to contribute to the Tesla museum and will do more in the future. He was a great man".


BTW... I am sure many others contacted him as well :-)

VB, he said that he would be replacing the rear view camera. I didn't see any reference to side view cameras. But it would be great.

"E" for Elon?

E for Exciting, Economical, Environmentally and Pocket Friendly, Exceptional, Elegant, Ecstatic, Effective, Euphoric, Encouraging, Extraordinary, Exotic, Ewww for driving anything else, or maybe simply just E for ELECTRIC!?!?!

E for Everyone!

E for Models S,E,X! Air mattresses not included.

I think BryanW wins the prize. "E" for everyone.

Electric Machete, you read it and I read it, but nevertheless I quote it here for everybody else:

SLR999: "What's the status on the beautiful/futuristic rear view camera system on the Model X? Is this something we might actually see on the road come 2014?"

Elon Musk: "yep"

Unfortunately SLR999 wasn't explicit in saying side mirrors, but what other "beautiful/futuristic rear view camera system" is there on the Model X? The whole point of the camera system is to reduce air drag. Other than that, cameras have some disadvantages over mirrors (reliability, 3D-vision, optical vs. digital image) and the advantages negligible. That's why I think it is reasonable to assume that both, SLR999 and Elon, are referring to the side mirrors.

I hope you are right. That would be something to see. I thought I had read in a discussion elsewhere that side cameras were currently illegal (maybe not illegal, but not conforming to street legal) in the US. I hope I am wrong.

I was thinking that the rear view mirror would be replace by a video screen view of the rear camera. That is an easier question to answer for Elon. I think I may have read that Audi is already making a version of this in a current or soon to be produced vehicle.

Where would they place the video from the side view cameras? I'm so used to looking to the right and left to see what is beside of me. It would be hard to relearn that if they put those images elsewhere I imagine.


Take a look at the picture that says "THIS SEAT IS FOR YOU" on the page

See the image of the road on either side of the speedometer? That's the left and right rear view camera images. (My guess - no documentation I know of.)

Maybe they could make a kind of panoramic view of the car by overlapping some camera angles and putting it all in a rear view monitor? It would definitely take some getting used to.

Electric Machete, you are referring to this thread:

Either way it's all speculation and interpretation right now. We'll see soon enough! ;-)

Maybe some tricky mid-air HUD, floating just outside the car ...

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