just paid next years license plate fees $100 for electric car

I got a minor surprise when I renewed my plates. I had a fee of $100 for being an electric car and $20 fee for weight. just thought you might find this interesting.

No surprise. At least you didn't have to pay any gas tax.

The $100 is effectively our share of gas tax. The roads have to be paid for somehow. :)

Last year for the ICE I replaced with my Model S, I paid $3500 for gasoline, or roughly 1000 gallons. State share of tax was .375 per gallon last year, or $375; federal was $.184/g, or $184.

So I traded $559 of gas tax for $100 'road use tax.' Sweet!

And there,s the relief from the sales taxes, the state so poor, i guess they need a few precious bucks from us no-road-tax-paying EV'ers. It is a shame tho. How about charging $8.00 for the White Pass to use the express lanes as an EV like CA. That,s a few more bucks. If they need the money, the state should go ALL IN.


Write or call your State Representatives about HOV access for all-electric EV's. I did. It makes sense to create more EV incentives and get more ICE vehicles off the road.

All electrics reduce street maintenance needs and environmental costs because EV's don't have oil and other fluids that impact stormwater runoff. Fluids from ICE vehicles accelerate the deterioration of asphalt too.

We almost had access for EVs to HOV lanes in 2009. It had the votes in the state house. But it was blocked in the state senate by former State Senator Fred Jarret.

"Former" State Senator. I like that. Let's try again!

Just paid my $120 as well (ev + weight). Gotta love a 20% tax as a way to say "Thank You" for going with a more fuel efficient and better on the environment vehicle...

Still causes wear on the roads. Maintenance doesn't pay for itself.

It's not an extra tax... it's a big discount from the gas tax for an ICE... plus no sales tax on car and charging infrastructure... plus the fed credits for the car and charging infrastructure...

We got a SWEET DEAL from the state. We should stop complaining about $20.

It's $100 -- not $20 and the sales tax exemption is going to be gone in a little over a year. If you're looking to buy a Model X and you don't already have your reservation you will probably have to add $9000 dollars to the cost unless you live in most places in Eastern Washington -- then add $7900.

WA exemption expires July 2015, so we have a while still.

OP complained about a $20 weight fee. Any heavy car would have that so not worth complaining about. Also the $100 is far less than the gas tax you would pay for an equivalent ICE so again it's a subsidy not a cost.

On rereading OP didnt COMPLAIN they just COMMENTED. Sorry to suggest it was complaining.

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