Looking for Pics with 3M Crystalline 40

Looking for any pictures of cars with 3M Crystalline 40 tinted windows as I'm debating how that looks with a black exterior.

Mostly as the kids this weekend said they got too hot in the back, back seats.

Interested in this too

You can get clear heat-block, if you want.

I got it and will take pictures later today. I love the performance and look of it

I have the 50 on the rear (hatch) window only. Will snap a pic later today. It's pretty dark from outside. Haven't decided on whether to do the door windows yet.

Hate to be a noob but how to I attach pictures to my post?

they don't "attach". Just use HTML,

<img src="URL" width="600">

with the direct URL link to the image hosted on a website.

There are LOTS of tint pictures in the window tinting thread over at TMC, including several of 3M products.

I still dont get it so just posted them on TMC site. Here is the link

nice I like it :)

jeroens: THanks for embedding that for me :)

Perfect and like the look with it

@c2tb: please, great pic. First I need to get my car but am leaning towards this as well...

Looks good. I have a green S and just put Formula One Pinnacle 30 on the rear half of the car. I wanted to get the 3M film, but no one nearby is certified to install it. The Formula One looks good, only wish I could add it to the front side windows, but in CA that is a no no.

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