Model S against Dodge Charger Hemi R/T

Driving down the interstate in Charleston I see in my rear view mirror a Dodge Charger Hemi R/T. I slow down a bit as I want him to catch up to me. He pulls along side and I give my accelerator peddle a little tap just to see if he is interested. As I hear him engage his huge ICE I push my accelerator peddle all the way to the floor. 55-100 in what seems like 1/2 of a second. I see him again in my rearview mirror. I slow down to let him catch up again and he pulls along side of me gives me a thumbs up and proceeds to take a picture of the car. I am 40 and he had to be in his mid 20's. Kind of funny that my Model S can basically blow the doors off of anyone with nothing but the sound of wind. The model S is just ridiculously fast from 55-100. Cant describe the feeling. just an amazing car. Feel lucky to own one. HeHe

Do you have an 85 Performance or a non-performance?

It's ridiculously fast at any speed.

I have the non-performance version, and it is as fast as I need.

^^ I was wondering the same thing

Sweet! My non-perf should be coming in around the end of the month. I can't wait to add things like this to my list of willpower tests!

I've driven both cars and own the non-perf. I simply cannot imagine why anyone would need the perf. Believe me, if I wanted to spend the extra money, I would have taken the perf model. However, it's not needed. The car is amazingly fast and blows away your normal sports luxury car. For those who are trying to decide between the two, you won't be disappointed in the non-perf. If you have the extra income, buy the perf. For those who don't have the extra income, you're not going to regret the non-perf purchase.

Non performance and still ridiculously fast

I went for the Performance S and the "jump to light speed" never gets old :)

Did you see the table posted a while ago?

NP = Non-Perf P = Perf Times are in seconds.

Speed NP P 0-30 2.3 vs 1.7 0-40 3.1 vs 2.4 0-50 4.0 vs 3.1 0-60 5.0 vs 4.0 0-70 6.1 vs 5.0 0-80 7.4 vs 6.3 0-90 8.9 vs 7.7 1-100 10.8 vs 9.5 45-65 1.9 vs 1.7

Here're the 'deltas' showing the 10mph 30+ ranges:

Speed NP P diff. 0-30 2.3 vs 1.7 (+0.6) 30-40 0.8 vs 0.7 (+0.1) 40-50 0.9 vs 0.7 (+0.2) 50-60 1.0 vs 0.9 (+0.1) 60-70 1.1 vs 1.0 (+0.1) 70-80 1.3 vs 1.3 (+0.0) 80-90 1.5 vs 1.4 (+0.1) 90-100 1.9 vs 1.8 (+0.1) 45-65 1.9 vs 1.7 (+0.2)

So it looks like a non-Perf takes about 6.3 seconds to get from 55 to 100, and a Perf about 5.9 seconds.

I haven't experienced that but that looks like jet takeoff acceleration: it isn't the acceleration itself, but the fact that it just keeps accelerating at that same rate that is so exiting.

Looking at the data Brian H posted above makes me seriously consider not getting the Performance. Unless I'm drag racing from a standing start, the acceleration is only ~0.1 second different for each ten miles per hour. Combine this with the fact that the 21 inch wheels are no longer free with the Performance, and I'm seriously considering downgrading.

This is a fun thread! The power of the Model S, no matter what version, never gets old!

I love my perf, love this post too! I haven't had anyone take my offer to race... ego's might be bruised too much I think?

I wish more people knew the car. I find myself looking at every car I pass and that passes me to see if the look my way. I get more comments by passer byes when I park than I get gawkers when I drive it.

I get gawkers when I drive it, I sometimes have to point and remind them to watch the road and not run over pedestrians as well... scarey sometimes!!

It seems as long as I mash the pedal down as long as I am going faster than 30mph, than its virtually the same as the performance. I will keep that in mind whild driving.

That .6 advantage off the line (0-30) is what throws you back into the seat and beats just about any other car on the road. Well worth the extra $ (if you have them) and want that capability or laster may need to resell the car to someone who wants that capability.

I was giving a bunch of test drives before and after a dinner meeting with group of business associates. Many of them own high performance ICE vehicles and they commented how I pinned them to the seat. Thery loved it and I only have the non-perf. version too.

I have peformance version and i have also driven non perf and yes there is a diff while you drive this and that car. Try smoking bmw m5 with performance and non performance you will see it. I have done it. Thank i took performance one. Its not about drag racing and i have done racing with bmw's and porsche panamera. Now they are thinking why they didn't bought this car instead of those cars!

I have clearly noticed that when I take someone for a ride in my regular 85, the jolt from flooring it is much more impressive from 30-40mph than from a stop.

@AndrewM | JANUARY 15, 2013: Looking at the data Brian H posted above makes me seriously consider not getting the Performance.

I have a Performance and I have to say that the acceleration scares me. So I'm taking it easy for a while until I acclimate. In retrospect, the non-performance version would have been OK with me (similar acceleration to my Panamera S Hybrid). I think the upgraded interior and wheels helped sway me. The beefed up motor and inverter also contributed to my decision: I thought that they would be more robust and durable during normal driving.

I wonder if they could add a "high speed performance" -version derived from regular performance that matches non-performance for low speed acceleration but has quite a bit higher top speed. Autobahn Model S.

Should be easy to make, just change to lower reduction gear.

Been challenged twice in my non-Perf. Sig. Just today some guy in his 20's driving a noisy ICE car blew by me on a CA interstate and then slowed down, pulled up next to me and blew CO2 and a slew of other toxins out his extra loud exhaust pipe. I'm in my mid-50's, never had a moving violation ever, and just couldn't pass the chance. Went from 75 to 105 in no time. I shut it down with him in my rear view a few car lengths back. No contest. He caught up, laughed, waved, and with a nod acknowledged the car and its power. I soiled myself.

Suggests a title for a new thread: Soiling Stories!

Soil on!

Remember as a kid when you were playing with your new slot car set after Christmas and you would crush the trigger on the remote and the tiny car would give a small whine and nearly instantly accelerate to its maximum speed. . . Watch out for that hairpin turn. (No 4 piston Brembos on my slot cars though. . .)

Just thought of a new app!!! When you step hard on the accelerator, the big display does the Star Trek streaking warp speed thing!!

I think it's no accident the seats resemble something from the starship Enterprise. I've got a P85, and the jump to light speed never gets old. I have yet to be challenged to a drag race, but I'm always game. I would also like to compare a non-perf for the sake of comparison. Any way you configure it, it's impossible to go wrong, methinks!

I agree with the fact that it accelerates quickly but biggest issue is limited top speed. I am awaiting delivery of my non P85 and can't wait but don't like the fact that it tops out at 125. I have a Nissan GT-R that I frequently drive over 125 and has a faster 0-60 than the Perf (2.7 sec). I can't wait until Elon Musk makes the first electric super car, I'll be all over that!

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