Model S Car Covers & Floor Mats?

Has anyone located a custom fit car cover and/or rubber floor matts? We received a pair of carpet floor mats for the front but not for the rear. Did anyone receive rear mats?

There is a Tesla S car cover in the shop section of their website

Not currently available from WeatherTech but they make great products. Fill out a request form at:


No, and the front mats really suck. I've only had my car three weeks and the driver's side is already getting thrashed.

Are the included mats carpet or rubber? I know some people want rubber, but I want carpet. Do they have an embroidered logo or anything like that?

Try Lloyd mats.

It doesn't list tesla on any of the distribution sites.

I've just received a set of Lloyd Mats for the Model S, front, rear and reasr cargo space. You can check out the Lloyd Mats on site. Odd that some distributors of Lloyd products don't list the Model S, but this site does.
They're certainly not WeatherTech, but better than nothing in the back at the moment.

I wonder where Tesla or Motor Trend got the rear floor-mat, if in fact they don't plan on adding them as an option or standard equipment?....

I just called WeatherTech and they said DigitalFit floor mats for the Model S should ready within 6 weeks or so.

Meanwhile I purchased a full set of Lloyd Luxe floor mats from You should get 15% discount on their list prices. See here:

I'm very happy with my choice.

I'm considering asking Santa to replace my factory floor mats. I'd be interested in feedback from anyone that has already purchased after market floor mats. I've had WeatherTech before so I am familiar with those. Not as much with others. Michael how do the Lloyd mats hold in place? I am mostly concerned about the driver mat. Thanks for any and all feedback.

Does the Model S come with floor mats at all? I was under the impression that cars were being delivered without them.

They do come with front floor mats only.

Try 3D mat: 3D flooring mats

?? That's a non-existent page on this site.

Ordered my Lloyd mats from with the 15% discount on Friday (thanks Michael E and TMC) - UPS says it's on its way for delivery today!

Good Customer Service too - I forgot to buy the frunk mat and added that on Monday (not likely to be in today's shipment) and they let me take advantage of discount and free shipping.

Hey, it looks like Tesla now offers official floor mats!
Check it out in the on-line store.

I did check it out and they have to be joking! I would never pay that much for floor mats.

I'm undecided, but mfrs always seem to charge a bunch for floor mats.

I paid $200 for an interior set of Lloyd Luxe Floor mats, so $250 for official Tesla set doesn't seem totally out of line.

108k and we have to buy mats!!!!!!!

A full set of Lloyd Luxe mats is $719...A full set of Tesla mats is $650. Umm...I'm gonna go with the official Tesla mats, with the Tesla logo, matched exactly to my car's interior, for $69 less.

It's not apples and apples. The weight of the Tesla mats is 30 oz. while Lloyd's Ultimats are 32 oz. Those are substantially cheaper than Tesla mats. Around $275 cheaper if you get the best deal. You are comparing them to the Luxe mats, which are significantly more dense. I think they are 48 oz. There's a quality difference.

Wait a minute. Do you mean to tell me that my S will not come with ANY floor mats unless I option these??? WTF!?? I'm already paying $250 for the shelf (which frankly SHOULD be included). I can understand having to buy all-weather, or upgraded 'premium' mats, but PLEASE don't tell me this premium sedan comes with NO floor mats. This is a matter of principle and really seems like unnecessary nickel and dime'ing! Anyone buying this car can afford a couple hundred dollars for floor mats, but COME ON! This is BS! TMC you're [supposed to be] better than this. MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT!

TMC need to hear us push back on this...

I'll add my voice among those that want to hear some hard facts about what is and what is not included floor mat wise with a Model S. While we're at it, let's also get confirmation of the frunk cargo net. I posted the same request in the Questions? Topic.

Premium sedans come with a full set of basic floor mats. Especially those cars Tesla aspires to compare to: A6, A7, 5 series, E class etc.

The nickel and dimeing customers is starting to leave a bad taste. Would've been much less of a headache for TM and customers if they just increased the price of the car and included these things. Some things are simply basic for any car much less a luxury car (e.g. floor mats, center console, etc.).

At this point, it's insulting how they're treating their customers. Not too happy with how they're skipping people in line to get only 85 kWh cars out. They simply could've just communicated better or even given reservation numbers based on if you're getting an 85, 60, or 40.

I received front floor mats with my Model S Sig, as well as the Frunk cargo net. No rear mats, however, and no mats for the frunk or trunk. I assume these mats are different, as the front mats I received do not have Tesla logo on them.

I placed an order online just this morning for custom rear mats for my Model S, if I can cancel that order, I will place one for these but wish Tesla would have e-mailed me that this option was available, I did in fact sign up for e-mail notifications! >:[

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