Model S interior design

Hi everyone
I went today so excited with intensions to buy a model S but I was very disappointed with the interior design. I figured if I am paying at least 85K for a car, I would get a luxury sedan but the quality of leather as well as interior design was far from luxury. Unfortunately there is not much options for upgrade for the interior.
Do you agree, or have you found a solution (like aftermarket upgrades)?

I think you've made a huge mistake. (former Cayman S owner and Arrested Development fan)

enovak - your criticism is fair. For some who are not in a hurry to ditch gas, the Model S Interior may feel too radical.

I do believe right now TM is turning away customers who would have loved the technology, but get stuck on missing interior amenities.

When my wife gives rides to her friends who drive Audis and MBs, some don't quite know what to make of the interior.

Or as someone posted a couple years ago, "the outside makes promises the inside can't keep".

Still, like I said earlier, you acclimate pretty fast and the overall experience is addictive.

@Bighorn +1 Current Cayman S owner and only waiting for the parking sensor to become available to click the buy button for a P85+. I think you already know although they are not the same kind of cars but performance of the MS will smoke the Cayman S and that's probably an understatement.

BTW where is the Arrested Development comment coming from? I did not see anyone mention that in any of the posts. I'm also a big AD and Netflix fan.

I was referencing GOB's tagline "I think I've made a huge mistake." I bought one of the first Cayman Ss based on all the positive press, multiple COTY awards, etc. No doubt a well-balanced car, but I grew bored with it within a year. Coming out of a V8 BMW, I'd probably hoped for some more oomph. I haven't followed the updates, but I recall it having a fairly spartan interior, as well. My P85+ is heading toward production and I have little doubt that my primal need for acceleration will be fulfilled.

@bighorn: If you are getting a 85P+ the Tesla grin is definitely in your future.

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