Model S wider than a 7 series?

I just saw the Model S in the Santana row today. While I was very enthusiastic, my wife commented on how the car looks too wide. Indeed, the width of this car is better than a 7 series or an S class. That, and the square edges in the cabin are off putting, at best. Also there seems to be no single sunroof with shade option. I am not sure about the ergonomics of an entirely touch based console. The showroom guy said they are working on adding hard buttons to the steering wheel to control the console... I am unconvinced, somehow. I am used to the superb ergonomics of my TSX and the 3 series (except for the climate controls in the 3) and a finicky touch control has driven me crazy many a times ( in my droid-x, example)

While I love this car for it's unique propulsion, balance, super fast acceleration, and ecological responsibility some details are a little jarring for a car that fancies itself in the company of 5 series, E class, etc.

Why did they have to make the car so damn wide?

Yep, according to my Google surfing, the Odyssey's width w/mirrors is 89"!

It's amazing what people freak out about.

I think the OP would be much happier with a Lexus CT 200h Hybrid with a width of 69.5" Don't know if that includes mirrors or not.

Here's a loosely related article. Summary: Many popular cars, including a lot of "compact" cars, are wider than 2m (79in) when measured including mirrors, e.g., Audi A3, Citroën C3, Fiat Bravo, Ford Focus, Mercedes A-class, Opel Astra, Seat Alhambra, Toyota Auris, Volvo S40 and VW Golf VI. The BMW 3 series in an exception in its class which is an advantage in temporary lanes (due to construction work) in Germany, which are often restricted to cars with a width less than 2m (including mirrors). (German language)

Of course, you could always go for the Aptera (53") ...


For the record, because I just looked up the numbers, anyway. Width including mirrors:

BMW 5: 2094 mm / 82.4 in
BMW 7: 2134 mm / 84.0 in
BMW X6: 2195 mm / 86.4 in

Porsche Cayenne: 2216 mm / 87.2 in
Porsche Panamera: 2113 mm / 83.1 in

Audi A6: 1874 mm / 73.8 in
Audi A8: 2111 mm / 83.1 in
Audi Q7: 2177 mm / 85.7 in

Mercedes E class: 2071 mm / 81.5 in
Mercedes S class: 2120 mm / 83.5 in
Mercedes M class: 2190 mm / 86.2 in

Tesla Model S: 2189 mm / 86.2 in

The Model S is as wide as the widest German SUVs, and just a little wider than the wides German sedans.

My guess is that people who are used to driving smaller sedans (3 series, or C class) may feel a little intimidated by the width of this vehicle at first. I've driven wide vehicles, and don't see any issue with the width of this one. More or less I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas to come.

Hey Brian, nice car, wrong planet...!?..

Re: mscottring: "More or less I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas to come."

Me too! If I could pay to be placed in suspended isolation and thawed out when the car's been delivered, I would!

What's pretty cool is that you can still buy a Signature Edition and have your car delivered before folk who've been waiting for years. Well, cool for the person who just discovered Tesla and has enough bucks laying around. :)

Mycroft - I'm right there with you. I'm pretty much looking around, thinking, "what can I sell...?" If I can find a way to get the Signature, and an earlier delivery, I will! I'm just excited about this car, and that hasn't happened for me, with any car, in a long time.

I am a ‘S’ reservation holder and I was at the October 2nd event. My ‘S’ impressions were/are:
beautiful, quick, smooth, and quiet. ‘S’ is designed for the American market. Our streets and
highways are as wide as our rear ends -only our garages seem small. The reservation numbers
show Americans want this car more than all the other countries combined.

Regarding size, Volker’s numbers are interesting, comparing the ‘S’ to SUVs. The ‘S’ did not
seem so large. The designers simply killed two birds (‘S’ and ‘X’) with one platform.

When you are ready to replace your beloved Mercedes, BMW, Audi, etc. you may choose to
test drive an ‘S.’ As Lee Iaccoca said, “If you can find a better car…buy it!” You will … I will.

I noticed when they were rolling the S into the store on Santana Row, they folded in the side mirrors to get it through the doorway. They manually folded the mirrors though. They weren't motorized.

Since this was a hand-built beta version, that could very well change by the production model.

Probably both. You'd want the mirror to give way if it bumped into something going forward, after all!

@Denis Vincent, that's real car, not a joke. 53" is more like 100" with those front wheels tho, which is a joke. Two-seater with dimensions of Humvee.

No, I think that's the full width:

Correction: I got the height number. Here's the correct specs:

Aptera 2e Specifications:
53in high x 91.0in wide x 173in long
111in wheelbase
80.5in front track.

So: wider than the S overall! Heh.

"If it flies, floats and...", I'll lease one, but won,t buy it..!?..

Two more numbers:
Volkswagen CC: 2090 mm / 82.3 in
Volkswagen Phaeton: 2118 mm / 83.4 in

(Tesla Model S: 2189 mm / 86.2 in)

Volkswagen is decidedly on the lower end of widths of German premium sedans.

Update: The exterior dimensions have been moved from the "Facts" page to the "Options & Pricing" page and have been updated in the process. The (presumably) final width of the production Model S is a little less excessive than cited in this thread: 77.3 in (1963 mm) "overall width" apparently including mirrors.

Looking at the picture mirrors don't add much to width. Maybe inch at both sides.

Oh wow, I didn't realize that the Model S is bigger than my current car. I'm not sure if it's enough to make much of a difference.

When I saw the beta model in person, I felt that it looked about the same size as my car, but it's the same height, 4" longer, and 7" wider. Track is wider in teh front and back and the wheelbase is a few inches longer too.

The only thing that I am worried about is the width. I'll have to re-learn the judgement of how close things are to the right side of the car, and I do have to deal with some narrow spaces. Some areas of my parking garage at work are narrow, and some parking spots are narrow too, though I usually find a spot atthe ends and park over the line.

I hear you. I'm constantly trying to park my SLK to avoid door bangers and the Model S will be a much bigger challenge in that department.

There goes my mirrors in the narrow London streets and UK Parking spaces! :(

sorry to ask since there is so much written about this now, but what do I get extra as a Siganture owner instead of a top of the (battery) range S?

- jump the line of P reservation holders
- exclusive interior and exterior colors
- badging

That's it, according to what we know by now. Maybe some more goodies will be announced, but that's unclear at this point. In any case, there are a lot of threads where this questions fits much better. It is entirely off topic here... ;-)

@ Volker Berlin:

Width including mirrors:
BMW 5: 2094 mm
BMW 7: 2134 mm
Model S: 2189 mm ???

Hello Volker, the Model S is (77,3") 1,963Meter wide!
Isn't it?

Hello iphone, yes it is. Your quote is from October 10, 2011. At that time the Model S Facts page stated the numbers I then cited as "approximate dimensions". Since there was updated information on the "Options & Pricing" page that went online last night, I updated this thread with a new post today. :-)

@vouteb, look at the picture from front. If the mirrors are in danger, then the entire car side is in danger. Mirrors do not add much to car width.

@iphone, there were older specs in the site claiming 2189mm width. That has now changed over 10 cm, which is quite a lot. I don't know what happened to previous figure, because that was there after beta had been already revealed. Is final actually that much narrower, or was that just some measuring error.

Color me amazed at the width difference. Can't wait to see the production spec car!

I'm willing to bet a small sum that the 77.3" dimension is without mirrors. But as timo noted, the mirrors look to add only an inch or so on each side. Even at 80", the Model S is wide, but not nearly as crazy wide as we had first thought.

I'm willing to bet a small sum that the 77.3" dimension is without mirrors. (Robert.Boston)

I cannot get that very thought out of my head since I discovered the substantial difference between the announced with and the "final" (?) width published on Dec 21. I hope that it's actually the overall width including mirrors, though, b/c anything wider than 2 m (78.7") would officially disallow the Model S on the passenger car lane in German Autobahn road work passages.

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