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Will Tesla keep the Model S the same body style or will they come out with a new and improved body style.

I believe Elon mentioned a refresh 4 years into production, followed by a redesign a few years after that.

Well he has also said that current body has the lowest drag coefficient of any car made. Not sure what you call an improved body style? If it doesn't decrease the drag coefficient or it gets worse I don't see how that could be considered improved.

personally, I'd like a 2 door coupe ... something similar to a BMW M5 or a Mercedes CL class ... somebody with a couple kids needing to climb in and out of the back seat on a daily basis might not consider that an "improved" body style, but that's not my situation so it would fit my needs quite well

get rid of the side mirrors and put cameras there and badabum you have it improved. Also small changes to the look will not make it less efficient if you stay close to the original form.

Pardon my ignorance, but when the side mirrors are replaced with cameras, where do you look to see the image?

Just inside the windows where the mirrors have been, most of it is already the broad windowframe, so forward visability would not be worse than before.

The flux capacitor retrofit takes care of all future upgrades!

Well they already wanted to do it for the MX but unfortunately the sidemirrors are there again I think.

Larger windows would be an improvement. Right now it's like looking out port holes.

Side view cameras would be an improvement, but that would have to wait for regulations to catch up with technology. Don't hold your breath.

Face lift 4 years new style 7 to 8 years as every luxury brand. A coupe will be nice.

In the Model X pre-release design concept (before they had to put the mirrors back in to satisfy regulations), the side-view cameras showed up on either side of your speedometer. In the Model S this area Is customizable to show energy usage, odometer, navigation, and music info.

Convertible! compete with BMW 6 and MBZ E

@redacted Smaller window and larger body structure is a recent design trend for, among others, safety reason I believe.

Changing the body style in a car comes with a huge expense to the factory, that's why most brands only change every four or five years, Tesla is already coming out with the model X which is a new style, they are making a new section at their facility with new robots, new stamping machines and new assembling, I also think the Supercharging network is a huge plus for all owners and don't forget it most cost a fortune to Tesla and it will free for the life of the car, so asking for more at this point??

@mbcaffe: Convertible! compete with BMW 6 and MBZ E

I kind of wonder if they weren't already considering that. It's unusual to use frameless doors (no doorframe around the side windows) on a car that doesn't have a convertible variant. They increase complexity, wind noise, and wear on the window motors because they have to go up and down every time you open the door to seal properly.

Maybe they had some other benefit for the design I can't think of, but that choice at least hints that a convertible was once considered.

If they change the body style, will the offer free upgrades to owners with the "old" style? :)

Yes! And the new body style will come with a free pony.

Gizmotoy, frameless windows have been around forever and on cars that never became convertibles. Subarus have been this way for years. The feature of the windows going down and then back up is only relatively recent. It is actually a cost and weight saver.

...,bbbut they SAID we would get all the upgrades forever..... I expect the new body to go with my Bbbbbattery....


Those cars are a smaller coupe that would fall under the Model E. They could make a Coupe and call it a Model C for those that want an outrageously priced coupe so people will know you can afford more than the economy model. But Model C would not fall in the S E X Y car naming scheme. I thought the post was asking about a new style for Model S not one of the already planned other models.

Sorry flodrab.


Unfortunately Model S stands for sedan not coupe.

Is there a way to know what is the current battery capacity? I have approx 25k miles on my Model S, and about 10% of the time I set charging on 100%.


@gizmo, every Mercedes, Lexus, and BMW has windows that go up and down slightly every time a door opens/closes. It has nothing to do with convertible planning. It is a feature that allows the window to most closely trace the outside plane of the car surfaces, reducing wind noise and resistance, and increasing fuel mileage. It also allows locking the frameless window top into a more shallow channel recess, ensuring weatherproof resistance to internal buffeting and outward bowing from negative pressure. With that said, no four door car since the 1960's Lincoln's have been made into convertibles due to body flex issues. This is particularly impossible for the Model S, which uses the battery as a primary underbody structural member. The fixed roof is heavily reinforced and is key to the car's structural stiffness, perhaps more than other sedans, given the above average total weight, and the fact that the entire underfloor frame structure (battery) is bolted on as part of assembly.

@peter, you can tell remaining battery capacity by doing a 90% or 100% charge and compare the rated range to historical numbers for your car. For example, my car has 19k miles and a max range charge is still 172 miles, exactly the same as the day I bought it. That implies no battery degradation or loss of capacity since the replacement battery was installed at 8k miles in August.

@tes-s - And OTA!

@PD - Do you mean 272 for max range? The 100 miles difference matters quite a bit.

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