New options soon?

I ordered my MS with a confirmation date set for August 2nd. Subsequently on a second test drive I got some unofficial advice from the sales rep to delay my confirmation by a couple of weeks. According to him there was a "very good chance" that mid August would see some new options. Specifically the PDC sensors and blindspot warning system, plus others potentially. It had to do with the production of the European models coming online (many of these options will be standard for them).
I called the configuration specialist and placed my order on hold. I'm anxious for the MS but don't want to miss out on these features.
Has anyone else heard similar rumors? (I read about a possible August 1st date for the PDC on another thread.)

In consideration of Einstein, keep Murphy in mind. As soon as you confirm your purchase, all these awesome options will be available... to everyone else.

I'll be at the Denver Service Center tomorrow.If they know anything more, I'll tell y'all.

After months of working on my wife, she finally agreed to my getting a Model S and said I could order it for my birthday (early September). Now that I have the okay though, I'm willing to wait another week or two for PDC. Yes, there will always be something new on the horizon that could be nice to have, but this is an option that is already showing up in stores.

If my confirmation date comes (Aug. 13) and the PDC still aren't available, I'm not going to place my order on hold indefinitely.

(This may also be the first time in my life where I've exhibited patience.)

As for AWD; I strongly doubt it will come as an option for Model S. Including a rotor in front will mean a completely new front structure (frunk and wheel base).

Strategically, I don't see any reason why TM will offer AWD before launching Model S, that will basically kill the market for some potential Model X buyers. I might be wrong, but I see it more likely that AWD will be offered as an option on Model S cars after TM produces the Gen. 3 cars.

Typo: ...before launching Model X.

New options are here, I add the new 19 wheels, parking sensors, but the blind spot is a missing stuff.

I confirmed my car at old prices and skipped the parking sensors. Very happy.

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