No Spare Tire in USA...any regrets?

Does anyone have regrets in USA because of no spare tire?

Not sure I'd want the spare in my Tesla. A heavy car to jack up. Ah.... You'd also need a jack.
My Smartcar (3 yrs old) had no spare. But then, it would need 2 since front and rear are different sizes.
However, there is a built in electric pump with the goo. (My first purchase while awaiting my MS)

@hsadler - my MR2 had different size front/rear tires, and yet it had a compact spare that was smaller than either. The car is already going to be lower at that wheel, and the suspension just adapts to it and it isn't perfectly level. They are intended only for emergency and getting to a tire repair place.

In my 16 years of driving that MR2 (which was also the last car I had with a spare), I put the compact tire on once. If I had had a compressor with me, I wouldn't have used it that time either, as it was a slow enough leak I would have just pumped up the tire and drove to a service station.

In dangerous circumstances, just drive on the flat. It may kill the rim but you will be safe. It is worth the cost.

My Porsche does not have a spare tire either. In the 6 years of having the car there were never a single instance that I needed to use a spare if I have one or needed a tow. What a nail usually will do is create a slow leak for which you will have enough time to pump it up and drive home or to the repair shop. I never even need to use that gooey stuff. I once drove the car with unrepairable leak for days waiting for my replacement tire order to come. All I needed to do is to pump it up once in a while with a portable pump in the trunk.

Those tire pressure monitors are great for giving you a warning before it's too late. This is what we have the older cars that need to carry a spare don't.

Our Roadster doesn't have a spare, just a can of goo. Hasn't been a problem.

I'm not concerned that our S doesn't have a spare and neither does my wife (and it's her car). Of course, we haven't had flats in several decades.

I did run into a guy that did a LOT of driving in his S for work. In the places he goes, he has had his share of flats, so he bought a spare from Tesla and keeps it in the back of his S.

FLsportscarenth- the touch screen is WAY LESS CONFUSING than a bunch of little buttons that you can't see in the dark. After 6 weeks my wife's ICE car seems ridiculously complicated. Model S: Sit down, foot on brake, flip lever to D, go; then stop, put in P, walk away.

No extra parking brake buttons, on off buttons, mirror adjusting (it remembers your profile). No radio adjusting (just use slacker with voice). Climate is stupid simple. All the apps are right on the top of the screen. Don't adjust lights- they are automatic.

Don't even have to use the brake pedal except at lights.

Seriously... this car is WAY SIMPLE.

Spare tire- there is no place for it. Not under the car like my minivan. Not in the car. Waste of space and weight. In 35 years of driving I have had ONE bad blowout. Fine I will call AAA or the Tesla ranger once every thirty five years....

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