Overlay weather and charging on map

FWIW The Model S Features page has just changed - there was a phrase that said "Visualize your location in either map or satellite view and overlay weather, traffic, and charging information. "

The words weather and charging have been removed. Not sure if this was a preview of a feature that is coming, or a mistake. Hopefully the former..

My aviation map overlays composite NEXRAD weather data. I've got NEXRAD up on the web browser but man it would be neat to have it on the map app.

Ford has weather overlay and can show POI icons on the Synch mapping systems, neither of which are available on the Model S screen. That's about the only good thing I can say about the Ford Synch. If you need weather on the Model S, you can alsway run or intellicast in the browser window. Of course I usually keep gmail loaded there... ;^)

And now they removed "wi-fi ready" from the features page.

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