Paint Armor

I just got my Model S Signature, and it doesn't appear to have the paint armor...has anyone else seen that happen? Or is the paint armor impossible to see?

I received my Tesla in early November with the Paint Armor. The Paint Armor is very difficult to see. It looks like a very thin plastic located on the front bumper, front partion of the hood lid, mirrors, and rear bumper. The front hood lid is the easiest place to detect the Paint Armor. Standing in front of the car, look about 18" from the front hood opening. You should see the seam of the Paint Armor. Good Luck.

It may be hard to see particularly on a brand-spanking new car. Across the bonnet is not only the easiest place to see the paint armor seam, you should also be able to feel it if you glide your fingers across the length of the bonnet.

Sorry I brought up this thread to the top again. The actual discussion is going on here (duplicate post presumably due to forum black-out earlier today):

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