Paint Care/Protection Options

So I know the various options have been addressed in many topics but I have not seen a thread that compares them all yet. I'm trying to figure out what to do with my Model S and I'd like to know the pros/cons of the various paint protection options.

1. Full Wrap Paint Armor like Xpel Ultimate (or others)
2. Clear Coat like CQuartz, 22PLE, Opti Coat
3. Regular Washing+Waxing
4. Any other option I don't currently know about

Things I'd like to compare about the options:

1. Protection (e.g. what happens if a rock hits it on the road? will my paint scratch? is it self-healing?)
2. Appearance (e.g. does it make the paint look better or worse?)
3. Price
4. Difficulty of installation (e.g. is there a chance the installer will screw up my paint)
5. Can it be removed/replaced?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

bump. Pondering this issue right now.

+1 about to take delivery and wondering the same things. I'm leaning towards a full XPEL Ultimate wrap. From what I can tell, the only negative is price. Am I right?

For the Xpel wrap I think the downsides are:

1. The cost, around the Seattle area it starts at $1000 for a half bra like Tesla offers on up to 2-3K for a full car
2. It's still plastic and while you can wash/wax it, it may not have the same finish as without (assuming the whole car)

I'm leaning towards an Opti Coat with my first detail and perhaps a partial bra for the road nicks/dings but was going to talk to the detailer a bit about it too.

someone posted this assessment on a TeslaMotorsClub forum:

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