persistent fan noise behind the 17" display

I just got my car this morning. Ever since early afternoon and throughout the evening I am hearing a non-stop fan(like) noise behind the 17" - more to the upper side than lower. I went out to dinner and got back and it was still running. Almost sounds like a cpu fan that doesn't shut off. Maybe it's a battery fan? But that seems a bit high in the car and I am not sure why it would keep running for as long as it's been..

anyone else had something similar happen?


As of now there is no solution according to Fremont service center. We just have to hope for a fix in the next release of the firmware.

That said, yeah, the noise *is* becoming quite annoying nowadays.

My fan noise if defiantly in the A/C compressor. I've been getting it for the last month or so. When I hear it I turn off the a/c and it goes away. Will have to have it checked soon.

I've got it too, just recently started when the heat here in TX got really bad (just a few weeks ago). My energy consumption graph shoots up like crazy when that fan is running.....other than that it so doesn't bug me much, but it bugs my husband so I should get it looked at.

Anthony at the Marietta service center suggested the following: Turn climate control off, then power down the car, just for a couple of seconds. Turn car back on, you should have no fan noise on re-starting climate control. (If you just turn car off with AC still on, does not work)

I have tried this twice, worked each time.

He also said there was no software fix out yet for this known problem, but the above steps seem to work.

I tried this at the SD service center as well. We pulled the fuse and it stopped. But when I went to leave, the fan was running again.

v4.5 rev1.33.48

I hear that others have rev1.33.51. How do you get that?

@brookbot | JUNE 27, 2013: I hear that others have rev1.33.51. How do you get that?

I believe the latest version is 1.33.54 and you just have to wait for it to arrive. Or you could call Tesla and have them push it to you. They usually do that when you take it in for service.

The fan noise finally seems to have fixed by an install of 4.5 (1.33.61) last night. One can confirm this by tapping Controls -> E-Brake and Power Off -> Power Off -> Power Off, and the cabin becomes totally silent, like it use to be before the first version of 4.5 was installed.

THANK YOU Tesla Software Engineers!

Yes, I commented in my own thread about this. Noise is definitely gone after latest update yesterday.

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