Picking up my Model S

A couple of friends joined my wife and I to pick up our new Model S. I had scratched my eye with a contact lens the day before and could not drive, so my friend wrote a great story about our experience with the factory tour and driving the car back to our house. Hope you enjoy it ...

I think your friend made a mistake in the article he wrote: He has a picture of a Fiskar Karma instead of a Tesla Model S.

Yeah, don't ever let your friend drive your MS again. Even if you are blind, your friend can't see either.

He must have been enjoying the car from the inside because he sure does not know what it looks like from the outside, oh boy......

Get rid of the picture of that ugly car and put in the Tesla Model S!


com'on put a Tesla Model S photo there!

New Venture Miscommunications, maybe. Refuse to read until the right photo is in there.

@Cattledog | MARCH 29, 2013: Refuse to read until the right photo is in there

Picture of Model S in there now. It's safe to read!

they cut off the boobs in that pic.

As my friend said, he's not a car guy ... but he sincerely apologies for offending Model S enthusiasts. He's posted a new, albeit boobless, Model S picture and it is now safe to read.

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