Price Justification For You?

If anyone needs a car, we all know we would be able to buy a car for $36,000 to $50,000 and get a pretty nice vehicle AND we know we would be able to pay for the gas for many years before reaching the price of the S and possibly would never meet the price of the S, SOOOO how are you justifying the price? I feel it has less to do with price and more to do with wanting a new technology.

I try to always do things that make financial sense but once in a while something comes along that just pulls me in to the point that I throw the financial aspect out the window. The Model S has done this to me (hence my upgrade to sig) so whats your justification? Financial or Want????

Want - but plan on keeping the car forever to satisfy my sound financial reasoning on everything I do. Also I upgraded to sig to try to re-coup my investment (keep the car forever and the sig will be worth money)

Is your purchase financial or want?????


How many people do you know that buy an expensive luxury car and with a straight face use financial arguments to justify the purchase? ;-)

It seems only the folks on this forum engage in these sort of rationalizations. I've done it, I think we've all done it. Don't get me wrong I do think that there are legitimate economic aspects to buying a Model S, but if we are really being fair there are even better economic reasons for buying a Leaf. Especially if we correctly consider the opportunity cost of money when making our buying decisions.

My reasons are:

Its finally time for me to buy a luxuy car.

The fact that the Model S will have unprecedented performance and safety is a big bonus.

There is a good chance that a lot (maybe not all) of my up front costs will be offset by the reduction in operating costs, especially if the cost of oil continues to escalate.

Getting off of oil is long overdue for any number of good reasons, not the least of which are for the health of our loved ones, and to assure our country's strategic security.


I'm looking forward to smiling every time I drive by a gas station. I really don't think it will get old.

I had already budgeted $50k for an ICE car before I discovered the S. Over the life of the S, I expect to save at least $20k compared to the cost of ownership of the ICE car I was considering, so now I've justified $70k. So far, it looks like I can get at least $12.5k in federal and state tax rebates from getting an EV, so that bumps it up to $82.5k. A number of my friends and neighbors own a fun, impractical, high performance car that they drive on weekends and special occasions, but it's too impractical to drive on a daily basis. For another $10k, I can get the sport edition of the S, and the S is still practical enough to drive daily, so that saves me at least $40k over getting a secondary "fun" car. Time I save not going to gas stations, additional maintenance visits, and ability to drive in the HOV lane for a few years all count for something as well.

Furthermore, the last time I purchased a car for myself was 1995, and it's been a lucky year financially, so I don't feel too bad splurging a little.

What Larry said. I thought about this and pretty much comes down to wanting a nice car first and foremost with bonus intangibles of it built near where I live and fueled from my own garage.

But mostly what Larry said. I looked at a Leaf and just want something nicer.

Don't want to support oil/war as much as I don't wanna support tobacco (and that is saying a lot since both have killed too many people in my family).

I salute those that buy into this car, company and dream!

I actually tried using a financial argument with my wife, and she saw through it immediately. She know's I'm a tech guy -- that I love having new shiny stuff. She gets it. My kids think it's cool that Dad is getting the hottest car. Me, I'm just anticipating it by going on this forum and the other at least once a day...

I want it, it's better for the environment than my current ride, I want it, it will lessen our dependance of foreign oil, I want it, I'll save a bunch on gas over the life of the car, and.... I want it.

@David, LOL. This would actually be a useful thread on this forum: how to convince your wife...

I can agree/relate to everything Schlermie put in his comments (save the weekend car and going for the Perf S...still too rich for my disire). For me the wake up call was the first time I had to spend $100 to fill up my SUV, that's when I discovered the world of EVs and ultimately the Model S. I could certainly go cheaper but I "want" to go luxury and performance, within reason. The financial calcs Schlermie list get me there. I'm very closely tracking my family gas use, since last year, so I have my hard numbers to compare with. My wife is onboard, but mostly because I just want it.

I also very much want to by American. I'm willing to pay a little more as long as the quality is there. What better place to do that than with a new car company; with vision, innovation, ability to execute and the business need to impress.

I too find myself watching these forums on a daily basis...not like the diehards but I'm keeping tabs on you ;-).


I hate going to the gas station. I have a 55 mile rt daily commute - enough to have to fill er up every 3 to 4 days. The schedule isn't regular enough that I instinctly know whether it's time to go to the local station. So every morning, I check the damn gauge to see if it's time to make my pilgrimage. I hate the smell of he station, I hate the 'surprise' of what gas prices will be that day, I hate spilling the last drops of gas on my hands or pants. Everyone talks about 'range anxiety' in an electric car. Well I have it in my ice.

I have no other piece of electric equipment, other than my car, that I have to take somewhere outside the house to power up. The ice techlonolgy is 100 years old.

Yes it cost more for a tesla s that an ice car, but I'm guessing when the first refrigerators came out, they cost more than an ice box.

Time to upgrade.

I don't want to buy any more gas. The automotive industry has had 100 years with one choice of fuel. Enough of that. When I saw what happened to the EV1, I said that's the last straw. I don't want to spend $85K on an EV, but if we all said that, Tesla would go away, and we'd be buying gas for the rest of our lives. Shame on us. If not for Tesla, there would be no Leaf or Volt.

For me, there is no price justification. Either pay the money to support EVs, or hope enough other folks do, until EVs become available as a viable alternative for the average guy. I will spend the money and be the best ambassador possible for EVs, AND I will smile everytime I drive past a gas station. No more smelly hands at the pump! Perhaps less dependence on foreign oil.

Oh, and if you don't want to justify any price difference, invest in TSLA stock. I've already covered the difference in my $65250 Model S vs. a $52K Odyssey (That my wife and I thought we needed prior to finding Model S).

Done. Looking for a bump up after the Detroit auto show next week, when the Model X prototype is unveiled?? Fingers crossed.

Model X won't be revealed until Feb 9.

It's not about luxury tech or savings, for me it's about being part of changing the paradigm. Beyond helping the environment and getting off oil (not supporting the middle east who are not even nice to their own people) it's about waking up the USA AND OUR AUTO INDUSTRY ! Don't for a minute think they will stand idle and allow this to happen without putting up a fight. This will be good for jobs and remind the industry that they do not have to take 10 years to up date technology or design.

Lastly, I would not underestimate the potential impact of this event. Consider it this way, this is the beginning of decentralization. Our lives are very controlled by outside influences, with solar panels on a house we now can truly get off of the grid. no need for gas, no need for electricity for the utility companies, rain is available for water in most places etc. and with all of these types of technologies no need for frequent repairs.

OK I'm rambling because I'm so excited !

P 2576

I started by saying, "Oh, isn't the Aston Martin Rapide gorgeous. Let's get that!" Then I was able to say, "Oh, look, the Tesla Model S is nearly as gorgeous and a fraction of the price. What a bargain!"

It's all about setting expectations....

Maybe NAIAS...

Tesla is a confirmed exhibitor:

And I thought I read somewhere that the Earnings Report should be Feb 2nd as opposed to Feb 9th. But can't find it...

You can't use the financal argument to buy an EV car. There is a part a belief in a new technology. However if you expect to have a luxury car with good performance, the Model S is one of the cheapest total cost of ownership car for that category... otherwise I'll buy a honda fit, hich may be much better financially (but that's all)

@Mycroft - "Model X won't be revealed until Feb 9".

Thx. Any other inside info?
Heard anything on the timing of unveiling the final interior on the Model S? To me, that's more exciting than the Model X prototype reveal.

Nope. A friend thinks it will be during the auto show. We'll see.

Costs me about $80 a week for gas => Model S will cost me about $8 / week (10%) that is a difference of about $3600 / year in 10 years at least $36K savings not counting oil changes, longer dives at only 10% the cost, etc... Very good value!

Wow, an oil change used to cost $19.99 Now many cars require synthetic oil, costing as much as $100 each time.

True, but my Mercedes gets 10,000 miles on that expensive oil change.

There is no pure financial justification for buying the Model S. I've driven a Mercedes E-Class for over a decade, which I bought with 10k miles on it when I had a long commute and my wife insisted I get a quality and safe car (that just goes to show how important it is to marry the right woman!). It would almost certainly be cheaper and more efficient now to buy a low mileage off lease Mercedes E diesel - including fuel costs given my level of current mileage - than to buy the "S" - let alone the Signature version. And both Teslas are turning out to be a bit more expensive than I thought they would be.

However, I've been thinking about going electric for a while - not just for the potential fuel savings, but because electric helps lessen foreign oil dependence and improves our balance of trade, makes our cities more pleasant and healthy, and improves national security. For me, the tipping point was test driving the roadster. It was just fun (but hard to get in and out of!) Fortunately, I had a sports car when I was young, so I fought off that urge - but knew I wanted the electric sedan to follow. Do I expect that I will be paying a premium regardless of which version I choose? Yes - but as my wife said, I almost never buy anything for myself and she offered that it was time for me to give myself a present (at age 54).

All of that said, I still reserve the final decision until I can actually drive the car. And it better have a reasonable cup holder!

I've wanted a long range electric car for 10 years. I don't really like small cramped sports cars so the Roadster was out.

Now I'm getting one and to top it off it's a luxury car.

I'm sure we all have spreadsheets of excuses why it's economically feasible. It gives our wives a good chuckle.

I'm projecting 32K miles for the first 12 months after I get my Mod S. My current car would use $8300 worth of fuel at current prices. Mod S electricity at current rates, $935. Savings of $7365. With no change in either rate, that's $73,650 just in fuel savings over 10 years. That doesn't take into account where I can halve my round trip cost by plugging in at the other end or along the way.

For instance:
My current car costs ~$40 round trip to a camp where I volunteer. My mod s should be ~$7 round trip ($3.50 1 way) since I can plug in there to at least 30amp service. Now I'm saving 90% on those trips.

This is the best and most expensive vehicle I'll ever buy for myself.

More economics:
$106,900 My car as hoped.
-$10,155 (saved sales tax)
-$7500 fed tax credit
-$73,650 fuel savings (10 years)
$15,595 net

@Charged_Up There is no pure financial justification for buying the Model S.

I think there is. It all depends on what you use as baseline. What is the minimum you want from a car? Considering car performance, Model S performance version is a bargain. I can't right out think any five adult premium family car with 4.4secs 0-60mph that costs only $90k-$100k depending of options you choose.

Seriously. Look it up. There just isn't any. Porsche Panamera GTS gets close, but it is only for four people, and it costs more.

Where do you get the sales tax back? I'm looking at at least 8.25% unless we vote for higher taxes this year.

Good comparison. Apples to apples, and the 'S' is a big apple, indeed!

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