The puzzle of the center armrest

Everyone checks to see if they open.

Then they discover that cups placed in the cupholders run into the driver's elbow.

Next comes the puzzle: What is all of that space good for, that they couldn't have given us the usual compartment and lid?

Blower motor for rear vents

It sounds largely empty when you tap on it. I've wondered myself, for months now.

I have several times tried to lift the arm rests thinking I must be missing something. Surely they lift up like all other cars....

Isn't there a forthcoming espresso maker option that is supposed to slide in there?

My delivery specialist said that the armrest-console contains the main computer, no room for storage compartments beyond the drink holders.

One hopes the computer is spill-proof.

it also contains the ventilation for the back seats.

All the change that slips out of your pockets automagically migrates in there.

There are two small mice with a wheel track....

@Brian H
That is so true. Saw a dime underneath my seat, tried picking it up and it slid underneath it. Annoyed the hell out of me worrying the dime would make weird noises. Thankfully it did not. Now my car is worth a dime more. :)


Your car is worth a dime more than initial value less 10k in depreciation.

Still one dime more expensive than mine!

My wife seems to think Elon designed/approved it during one of his single periods while not dating.

@lol Ha! I agree with your wife!


Oh geez, you mean they're not supposed to come off?

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