Question: Did anybody NOT get the package shelf?

I didn't get the package shelf for the back. I know I can order it online, but wondering if anyone else opted NOT to get this. And is $250 worth it for a fabric-covered piece of fiberboard?

No its not worth the money to me.

It does cover up items in the back and keeps the sun off groceries. We are glad we opted for it!

The hatchback cars I've driven in the past 20 years always had a parcel shelf by default. I guess it's not with the MS with respect to the rear-facing seats (both are optional).
I'd rather have the shelf to hide my personal stuff from too curious people (and also prevent direct heating of stuff below it).

Did not order it....figured if I wanted to hide something I'd use the Frunk.

Ordered almost everything but.

Haven't seen the need so far. If I do, I'll order it then.

I agree with Sailor. I plan to get everything else except that. I don't see a need for it with the frunk.

Several users have reported the shelf is suppressing a significant amount of noise.
That alone justifies the cost, in my opinion.

I've heard that it also dampens any noise, so it's probably worth the money.

Hadn't thought about noise suppression. Good point - Thanks!

$250 can probably get you a good 3 window limo tint job too. That's what I am opting for....

I did the limo window tint instead -- much more practical in Phoenix, AZ. And actually cost less.

I did not get it. Seems to high priced to me.


When I ordered my car, I didn't get the parcel shelf either because I also thought I would just put things in the frunk if I needed to hide them. As it turns out, opening and closing the frunk is more of a pain than you might think.

With the rear hatch, you can unlock and open it by touching a spot above the license plate, and you can close it with the touch of a button on the hatch itself.

The frunk requires getting out the key fob and pressing it. Closing the frunk is a manual process and you get your fingerprints all over the hood.

I got the parcel shelf a month ago and have found it to be much, much more convenient than the frunk. The parcel shelf also has a nice look when you are peering into your Tesla. The open trunk was kind of giant gaping hole. It does also seem to have helped cut down on interior noise in the car, but that's subjective.

sftesla +1

My wife insisted on it for privacy/hide items. I also believe it helps with the noise.

I ordered without ($250 seemed crazy) but ended up getting it online later. Primarily for the noise-abatement issue. It's a mixed bag...I like it but think it's overpriced. I suggest rolling it into the car loan if you're financing and you are not a DIYer. Otherwise, procrastinate with prejudice.

I didn't get it, but I got the Jump Seats. It's bad enough that you don't have an easy place to stow the cover for where the seats fold into, another panel would have been way too much planning!

I'd be interested to know, does it lift up when you lift the lift gate?
If it doesn't then it is WAY overpriced in my opinion.

My three previous vehicles have been VW station wagons. All came with a package shelf/cargo cover. All three were never used and sat on a shelf in the garage until the car was sold. Nope, we didn't get it.

Use the money for the shelf to get tint instead. Serve the same purpose but give it a much better look.

The only noise I hear are radio blasting from other ICE cars. I haven't experienced any noise from the rear well at speed up to 80mph.

One more thought: I recently removed the parcel shelf for a few days, and at one point, I had put something light-weight in the trunk. With the windows and/or pano roof open, the light-weight item started blowing around the car. This would not have happened if I had the parcel shelf in.

Also, I agree with @sftesla that the frunk is not as easy to use as the trunk (especially with the tech package).

I think I will make my own. A piece of masonite and some black material should do it.

Any more rumors about a retractable coming out someday?
That would be much nicer though may not attenuate noise as well.

I got the shelf. I insisted to look at it live at the show room first. It folds in half to make access to the trunk space easy. the blowing stuff about in the back is a good point, I haven't noticed such an event. The dogs sit/ lay under the shelf while driving and I have the rear seat folded down, it keeps them in a cave, they like that i guess.

I wouldn't go for the retractable if were there. I had a Prius, came with the retractable cover. Never used it.

I did not get the shelf but built my own right away with materials from Home Depot and Walmart. Total cost with tax just under $60.

My shelf is carpeted with black automotive carpet and looks 100% OEM from the top when hatch is closed. Not being a carpenter you can tell the underside and rounded edge, while trimmed, are not OEM when the hatch is open and you are loading/unloading things.

I also built mine to automatically raise the rear portion as the batch raises by attaching sturdy black string between it and the hatch. Simply tied a thick knot in the string and slipped it into the little crack in the plastic molding at each side of the hatch. To remove, slide it back out. String totally unobtrusive when hatch closed. Works great. Imagine anyone could rig this feature to a Tesla PS too.

I saw the parcel shelf and was amazed at the price. There's not a lot about Tesla that I don't like. I swallowed the $1100 delivery charge when I paid for a ticket and a cab ride to the factory to get my car. I understood the reason for that. The shelf has about $10 worth of material. I made one from 3/8 inch plywood and Masonite and covered it with Wal-Mart car carpet. I didn't like the mating of plywood and Masonite and wasn't happy with my hinge set up, so I'm making the second section from plywood and will attach a piano hinge. I'm trying to figure a way to lift the shelf when the liftgate goes up. I'm working on two suction cups on the back of the hatch that are tied to the shelf. Thomas Edison started like this.

When I'm finished, I'll post a picture. Of course the OEM shelf fits exactly, matches exactly and may look better, but for a savings of $240, mine looks fine. One of the designers at the Hawthorne shop saw it and didn't realize it was homemade until I told him. He said that he'd mention to the powers that be that the cost was causing some people to make their own.

My offer is that I'll make a shelf for anyone who wants one for $100 that will look and work great. In addition, it will be a lot stronger than the OEM. Maybe I can pay for my S this way?

Agree with sstanford. The kids like to use the jumpseats so much it would have been a pain to store. I much prefer a tint over a parcel shelf anyway. Rear noise suppression hasn't been an issue (even with kids back there) so that doesn't interest me either.

I didn't get it either. I'm not sure what 'noise' others are trying to suppress... my car is extremely quiet.
I would have gotten it if it rolled closed, as is - too much of a bother to store away folded.

The kid vote on jumpseats seems to be running pretty "hot" (popular).

Noise suppression suggestion: tune between a couple of AM stations and turn the hiss to bare audibility. The white noise will swallow a lot of random sound!

Its just one of those overpriced items but seem necessary to get it rather than worry about making my own or procrastinate about it. It seems solid and serves its purpose well. I have never even thought about until now (now that is priceless).

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