Republican on record supporting Tesla

Ron Paul: Tesla is looking to cut out the middle man when selling their revolutionary cars. Of course, some lobbyists and politicians are getting in the way of a move that could benefit the company, environment & you, the consumer.

Blames powerful lobbyists and dealers - calls out NJ and TX as republican states with bans.

Ron Paul is simply an amazing man. 24 years of consistent voting in congress. He couldn't be bought. You might not have agreed with him, but you knew EXACTLY where he stood. Never voted to increase the debt ceiling. Never voted to fund any of the illegal wars. We missed our chance at a great president.

No way he should have ever had an 'R' or a 'D' by his name.

Waitasec... Ron Paul is a Republican?

I don't think Ron Paul would even call himself a Republican. He is a libertarian through and through.

Ron Paul DOES call himself a Republican, and he is and has always been a member of the Republican party.

I wish more politicians would stand up for Tesla and call out the corrupt government for their illegal restrictions on trade. What common good is served, other than lining the pockets of dealer franchises and politicians?

So far, I think Ron Paul is the only one to speak out forcefully to support Tesla's right to sell cars directly to the consumer.

I can understand why Democrats oppose Tesla, and not surprised that Tesla gets no support from them. But why is Ron Paul the only Republican speaking out? Less government and less unnecessary regulation is a core Republican value.

Marco Rubio spoke out also.

But, I don't count him since Musk contributed to his campaign fund. That is just my rule of thumb.

@buddyroe It's very possible that many auto manufacturers contributed to Rubio's campaign fund. The fact that Musk did as well shouldn't color everything Rubio says about Tesla.

Surely Elon contributed to some Democrats. Did any of them speak out? Would like to see some support for Tesla from the other side of the aisle.

Unfortunately, hard to match the dollars from the auto dealers and other car companies. For every $1 they get from Tesla supporters, they likely get $10 (or more) from the other side.

buddy, the GOP almost crashed the world economy by not voting to raise the debt ceiling. Raising the debt ceiling is not voting for new spending, it's voting to paid the debts that the US has already incurred.

I do agree with him about lowering our military involvement, but do disagree with him about civil rights and women's rights. His policies are great for wealthy, white men. I'm not trying to pick a fight, just saying I see some problems with him.

Sorry @daphne, but you are wrong. There was no need to raise the debt ceiling to pay our debts. There was plenty of cashflow to pay ALL debts, including interest on bonds.

But let's get back on topic - Tesla, and public support from politicians.

So far, there seem to be two well-known politicians with public statements in support of Tesla selling direct to consumers. Looking for more - there must be others.

D and R labels are not helpful....
Tesla is a US company run by a South African immigrant building a high tech product that will contribute to solving real environmental issues. Being on the wrong side of that simply means you are incapable of making your own decisions or, put differently, your decisions are bought and paid for.

Agreed. So far we have found 2 politicians on the right side of the issue - and as you put it, capable of making their own decision/not bought and paid for.

Surely there must be others.

I'll add Elizabeth Warren.

Daphne - The govt shut down for a couple of weeks and no one noticed a thing. Except for the intentional pain the administration tried to inflict (think Veteran's Memorial). We wouldn't have a nearly 18 trillion dollar debt if a few more politicians had the resolve of Ron Paul. Republicans called him the "No" representative because he routinely voted against everything. He understood the concept of "less govt". To most republicans, those are just words.

And what are you talking about policies toward minorities? Ron Paul spoke openly about the prejudice against minorities in our justice system (tho I didn't agree with him). He used to deliver babies for free (to those who couldn't afford to pay) when he was a doctor.

Just because a person doesn't want to give people a million hand-outs, doesn't mean he is against them. It simply means he wants to give them something better - an opportunity. An opportunity for education. An opportunity to better themselves. And opportunity to stand on their own 2 feet. And opportunity to break free from the gov't plantation. An opportunity to actually live.

Those things are NOT just for white males.

@daphne - do you have a link? I googled it could not find anything from Elizabeth Warren on Tesla.

If I google Ron Paul Tesla or Marco Rubio Tesla their pro-Tesla statements come right to the top.

Right, no one noticed, except every rating agency that downgraded or threatened to downgrade American debt rating.

Yes, opportunity is important, but food is more important. We just wont see eye-to-eye, so no use arguing.

Yes, please try to keep this thread on topic - politicians supporting Tesla sales model.

2 confirmed so far - 1 suspect...

Social Security is running out of money but we can't say the same for welfare.

On topic, please....

I know this is politics, but lets try to keep to the narrow topic of politicians supporting the Tesla sales model.

Sorry, tes-s.

I think the short answer is that republicans are tired of being wrong about EV's....

It was a shame that EV's got caught up in the "Government Motors" spin campaign in the last elections. I also think the anti EV spin actually hurt republicans more than it helped them in the last election. I guess you never know how talking points will be received until you throe them out there...

This really should not be a political issue. It is obvious that EV's are a net positive for the environment and national security in my opinion. Importing less oil from the Middle East cannot possibly be a bad thing for the US...

Some Republicans do not like EVs due to the $7,500 federal "subsidy" as they see it. When I encounter that, I point out that it isn't a subsidy, but a tax credit. If you pay no taxes, you don't get the $7,500. The people that can afford an $80K car pay lots of taxes, so the $7,500 is just a targeted tax reduction, which Republicans generally do favor - tax reductions, that is. If the Republican is at all open minded, they back off after this explanation...

It's more than just EV's. It's not backing and protecting solar companies, like other western countries. Solaris may have made it if we didn't allow China to flood the market. It's not believing in global climate change and giving big oil tons of tax breaks while carbon energy poisons our air causing us to spend tons of money to mitigate its effects.

It's not Republicans or Democrats that run our government, it's big business. It's big oil, big finance, big military contractors, big media, etc. The worst thing that can happen for these big companies is change, even if that change is good for the rest of us.

+11UP for Webcrawler!

Daphne, what color is your Tesla?

Blue with a tan interior.

2 politicians publicly supporting Tesla's direct business model. Is that all?

@daphne - you talk about providing "protection" for solar companies. But how about just speaking out against obstructing Tesla? Not one single "green" politician willing to publicly support Tesla in their fight against protectionist government policies?

I live in NJ. I called and wrote my representatives. Christie is the worst thing that happened to NJ environmentally. I did not vote for him because of women's issues and environmental issues. And now.... Oh, well.

He reminded me of Ross Perot. I actually don't remember Ross Perot that much but if you look back at what he believed they make a lot of sense. He's not really that conservative (by today's standard) as he was labeled to be that time.

@daphne - any support for Tesla from other NJ politicians?? Or are they all like Christie?

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