Saddle Brown Leather Seats II

I didn't add my name +1 to the original post asking Tesla for the choice of Saddle Brown leather seats. I just looked for that post to add my 2 cents worth, but couldn't find it anywhere. (Maybe it was the 1/2 glass of Pinot Noir.) Regardless, I'm seriously considering taking my one-time option until that color of leather is offered. I intend to get a black Model S with Saddle Brown leather interior. I currently own a car with that color combination that I love very much. If I have to wait until the smaller car, similar in size to a 3 series BMW is available, which is the size I would prefer, I may do so. I very much want to help Tesla succeed for all the obvious reasons that have been previously discussed on this forum. I'm an investor in Tesla stock. I have a reservation in the 4000's, so my car wouldn't be available to me for approximately 9-10 months, close to a year. Is Tesla unwilling to listen to its strongest advocates?

The original Saddle leather post is still up. Look at page two. Better yet, I'll bump it up.

David M., thanks for the response & 'bump'.

Yes, I want saddle brown and posted it to both forums. And, a red (non-signature) exterior as well.

Now I'm double posting... =P

A red color is already on the options page for 2013. Right there in the production series color list.

"Red Available in 2013"

Also dbl-posted:
It's the text only, no color patch.

There are some pictures of Muir Red from the Model X reveal over on TMC, IIRC. It's a brighter red than Sig Red.

I did a search -- the image I found was this one not a great shot to get a sense of the color, but it's right next to the sig red so it at least gives an idea.

I manually adjusted the white balance. Still not great -- there were too many different colored lights in the room...

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