SCE dedicated EV meter installations

For those that are interested I created a web site outlining the installation of a dedicated EV meter within Southern California Edison territory. This is pretty much the same process for PG&E area, though some utilities allow for connection without the pull box.

General information about 2nd meters:

Actual installation process with lots of photos

If you do not opt for the pull box you can swap out service panel for one with a double meter pedestal. If you are considering this option my site will provide a good overview of what to expect.

It's funny, I ended up installing a 2nd meter as well, just because of the SCE rate structure. I had enough capacity, but our power consumption pushed us to TOU-EV-1 and thus the 2nd meter. Frustrating to have to do all that work simply for a rate benefit.

I also think the dedicated EV meter is the best option to realize the lowest utility rates available (other than solar). touring, I checked your website, it's very informative. If I don't want to install a pull box, is it really another $2K to have a double meter installed, maybe I didn't read correctly ?

The utilities dont like the second meter option because they have to give you cheap power, and, then cannot support their pensions,or linemen making 150k/yr

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