Should I buy a tesla

I have been looking at Teslas for a while and was about to make the final jump. Then I saw the 2014 Sclass sedan which is a pretty amazing car so I was just wondering why I should Buy a Tesla instead of the Sclass.

You are asking us?

Drive both. Contemplate never pumping gas again. Get back to us. It's an IQ test of sorts.


Depends on what you want out of the car and what matters most to you.

In my opinion, the S Class may look like it's the better car, and it's good. But the Tesla is better.

I think many will share similar opinions here.

No one is even going to notice your S Class.

Interestingly I was looking for S class, I was bidding on them and bid were not going through. Then one day one of my friends came to my home in June 2013 and showed me his new car. I was impressed and was so thankful that my bids did not go through . I am now a proud owner of Teska Model S which I got in Zmar 14. If you are planning to spend more than 35 k on a gas car, look at Tesla.

Is your middle initial P? Once you test drive a Model S, you will never go back to ICE!

The Tesla has a frunk, which is the must-have feature of the second decade. I'm not sure why you'd even have to ask which you should buy.

You will be unlikely to find a Model S owner on this forum who wouldn't say that the Model S is a far better car the Mercedes S class. I'd suggest taking a Model S test drive...

Seriously, no one else can decide this or suggest what is best for you. Drive both cars and buy what you prefer. I was going to buy an S Class until I test drove a P85. I subsequently lost all interest in anything with a combustion engine and transmission.

And here's some interesting reading on the subject on the W222 S Class forum :) Lots of points discussed and some refuted...

Have you driven a Model S? Doesn't sound like it.

PS: It takes a few posts for the S Class/Model S discussion to get started on the link I posted :)

Short answer, yes!

Little longer answer, you can buy a very nice car, S class, or you you can arguably the best car on the market today. More efficient than a Prius, quicker than a 911, more cargo space than many SUVs. Periodically improves itself while you sleep, safer than anything else, less required maintenance than almost any other car, never to to go get gas again, etc. etc.

You can buy arguably

Mercedes makes a great car but it emits waste like all other gas-fed cars. We wanted to do the right thing environmentally and got the bonus of an absolutely great car to drive. I love not having a gazillion knobs on the dash, love the frunk, don't miss the gas station, love the performance and enjoy the overall Tesla experience. I also commute 40 miles each way during the week and the Model S really makes sense if you commute.

I drove both and went with the Tesla, more fun and after 3k miles and no gas stations have not looked back. But as others have said drive both and make your decision.

I currently have a 2008 S-class with 97,000 miles. I love my car. However, after driving/experiencing my neighbor's model s, I am beyond irritated every time I fill up, see gas prices inexplicably jump 30 cents/gallon in one day, spend $$ on oil changes, etc. I will likely replace my S-class in a few years with a Tesla. My only hesitation is I feel the Model S is somewhat pricey (E-class luxury for the price of an S-class....). That being said, I believe in Tesla and Elon's vision for the future.


Yea no stone massage in the back of the Tesla. Or aromatherapy.

What, no aromatherapy @SamO? Did I lose out on that with my early order sans parking sensors?

@OP, as @Bighorn says, go drive both and get back to us. Try the Grin on, it is worth it.

Prior to the Model S we had the following cars (in order): BMW 5 series, Lexus (whatever it was...totally forgettable car), Mercedes E, Audi A5 and Audi A7. My wife is in love with the Model S (she's the primary driver...she commutes 100 mile a day) and she's never expressed any level of passion for any previous car. She loves the power, the fact that she never has to stop for gas again, the power, the handling, the power, the ride, the integration of tech and just about everything else about the car. She wouldn't go back to any ICE car.

Next to the Lexus, the Mercedes was the most boring car to drive we've ever had. I suspect the S class is of the same nature.

I think that the Tesla is not a very comfortable car compared to the German luxury cars (the A7 and Mercedes in particular) and I actually found the A5 and 5 Series to be more fun for the way I drive (the Tesla is a bit too big for my tastes...I like a car that can be tossed around).

All things equal, which they never are, my guess is that if you are into cushy luxury, the Mercedes would be a good choice. If you're more interested in innovation and incredible power and efficiency, the Tesla is your car.

I would be a lot happier with the Tesla if it had the interior of the A7 that it replaced...

Unless we were a member of your immediate family (and had to drive the S Class) why should we care what you buy?

In general, MS owners don't want anyone to own a MS if they don't really want it.

I would get the S-class. You did see the perfume atomizer, right?

Do your homework: read as much as you can about both cars, talk to owners of each car if possible, and test drive both (ideally each for a full day or weekend) then go with your gut. There's no right or wrong. Only what speaks to you and makes sense for you and your family. There's no point to rehash reasons the Model S is a great car.

Likely Yet Another Post Where The Original Poster Never
oh well, I've forgotten the rest...

Park both in your garage, running, close the door, wait 2 hours....... Then make your decision.

Even brain dead the choice is clear.

JP Morgan once said "if you have to ask, you couldn't afford it" . I think, in this case, "if you have to ask, you wouldn't enjoy it." You should not buy a Tesla.


It is not easy to be green.

I am not sure whether you can fit in with Tesla's profile.

CNBC Mad Money Jim Cramer repeatedly call Tesla out as "cult."

By the way, if you've been kept up to current event in San Francisco, you should have read that:

"Tesla seat vibration causes Anal Itching!"

"Psychographic, demographic and marketing studies have been published showing that Tesla drivers have a higher-than-average inclination towards drugs, strange sexual behavior and risk."

Hey! It's just too fantastic to make up these stories! Otherwise, why would you think the government in state after state is cracking down on Tesla and banning direct sales to Tesla fanatics?

WEB_SRFR - ha!... and I thought our threads devolved quickly :) Nicely argued points, and great entertainment value for the thread overall. There are some really interesting folk over there, to be sure. Speaking of going off thread topic, I'm really hoping for an early 2015 AWD option as well. If Model X comes out on time, I don't think it will be a problem.

jmorgan - just test drive both. Things will be pretty apparent after that. If the Tesla doesn't move you on the first drive, then don't get it.

Homely girls often wear too much jewelry.

If the Mercedes bling and baubles bedazzle you, maybe that's what you need to be happy.

But if you're into goodness at the essence, nothing comes close to the Tesla.

I would have seriously considered the Sclass had the car put gas back to the tank during braking.

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