Summer service

Tesla service called to set up an appointment for next week. They are going to prepare my car for summer operation. Anyone else had this call? Or does anyone know what they are going to do? MS vin 213 FL

Can you call them and ask them what they're going to do?

Maybe they change the air pressure in the tires? I would think that the Active Air Suspension can manage itself.

I'm impressed at their service. From what I've heard, their service centers have been packed, so it's awesome that they're doing this.

Yes, I got the call too, also in Florida. I asked if they are "calling everyone" and she said yes. I asked her what they are going to do, and she said "Adjust the AC VC". That made no sense to me, so I asked her to repeat it 3 times, and she said AC VC 3 times. My plan is to call the service manager tomorrow and ask him.

Summer service calls in Florida but not in the rest of the country. Very strange. Let us know what an AC VC is when you find out.

Thy said AC VC or AC DC ?


Service manager won't be in until later, but I got the same woman who called me on Saturday. This time she said DC-DC Converter. It was not my hearing or the connection yesterday; she definitely said AC-VC the other day. I should know more later.

It is the DC-DC converter. Preventative maintenance for hot weather.

That's pretty cool that they are calling everyone, but this sounds like a recall. The DC-DC converter isn't a major component, I believe it just chargers the 12V battery. Important, of course, but not critical to actually driving the car. The DC-DC converter would most likely be a third party smallish piece of electronics that they source from someone else.

I read they were having words with a supplier about quality control ....

And the hot weather in FL probably exaggerates the problem accelerating failure. Some emails may be going to TX soon too.

Are you sure she didn't say HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)? That's a standard term for climate control.

We've had a few warm days here already, and I've had a couple of instances where the AC will cycle between high speed and complete stop. When I mentioned this to the local Service Center, the response was it might be a voltage issue (AC VC?).

bp; interesting that this service could revolve around the 12V battery. A month ago, they reported that my 12V was acting out of parameters and came out to replace it. I never noticed anything was amiss. I don't know if these events are connected or not. I will query the ranger next week and find out what's what

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