Supercharger Locations

Since the announcement of Superchargers on Sept. 25, I've not seen any mention anywhere about detailed plans or installations of Supercharger stations outside the first few that are still prominent on the web site.

In the Motor Trend announcement they were talking about Milford Ct. and Wilmington DE. Did those happen?

It's time to start thinking about 2013 vacation plans and it'd be nice to know if the East Coast will have stations (or anywhere else for that matter).

Disappointed if Mojave. That's frankly too close to LA to be useful and at the margin of comfort (214 miles) for getting all the way to Mammoth. Since Lone Pine is even further from Los Angeles, it looks like you'd have to plan on 2 stops (albeit 30 minute stops).

Let's hope for a 110 kwh battery option for the X!


I do have an 85w. Both of those locations (Folsom and Gilroy) are out of the way. I'm coming from Pasadena on the I-5, I can charge at Harris Ranch. But that will only get me to the north bay area. As it stands now, I either need to go way off course, or overnight in the bay area.

I don't think Tesla wants to announce future locations without the chargers installed. It avoids people showing up to a dot on a map when the charger is not there, and people asking "is it done yet? Is it done yet? Is it done yet?" ...

@caolivieri Good Point!

To reinforce what @mrspaghetti said - the dots on the map do NOT represent planned locations. I was told this face-to-face by George B. The dots were put on the map by a web guy to give an idea what the coverage model might look like, based on 150 mile separations on the east, west and three cross country routes. The California ones were possibly based on hard planned locations; the rest are suggestions at best.

Any news with locations on East coast, particularly Florida?

I was making my travel plans to las vegas when I finally get my Model S and I realized that Tesla needs to install superchargers at our destinations as well. This would allow model s drivers to fill up and not be bound by the few hotels that have level 2 chargers.

I looked at and the chargers at the venetian and mandalay bay were often used by non-electrics by either inconsiderate drivers or even valets. In one comment the valet would not remove the porsche for the volt to charge. Another comment involved non-electric cars occupying the charging spaces and security would not have the cars towed.

If Tesla is listening. Please think about installing superchargers in destinations as well as along the way.

Don't look at Tesla, look locally and find them a spot that will welcome them & a utility that will work with them. That's what's holding them back!

Seriously, if you want to help, do a little legwork to get the ball rolling.

Are most folks paying ahead the $2,000 for the super charger with free charging for life? Is it true that Tesla is giving this away as an incentive if you ask? I am curious if it is worth the $2,000 given that they won't have enough public chargers in California for years.

It costs if you have the 60kwh battery, it's free for the 85kwh battery, and US supercharger coverage is scheduled for 2014 if memory serves. Good value IMHO, although it won't reach north of the boarder much until 2015.

Thanks Vawlkus. Yes, I am getting the 60kWh, hence, I have to pay for the supercharger. You are probably right that it is worth it given that this is a car I hope to keep for at least 4 years.

Learned some things on my round trip from the Bay Area to San Diego this past weekend.

1) The charging rate of 150 mph is realized only when your battery is in the lower quarter of charge. Plan on a slower charge if your battery is north of there and plan on staying longer for a full fill-up.

2) The locations are not obvious and there is no signage guiding you to the charging stations. Be patient, you'll find them. Just don't trust nav at Tejon. It has problems negotiating the frontage road there and wants to send you up the freeway about 5 miles for a U-turn. You'll get "Your destination is on the right" for Gilroy, Harris Ranch, Tejon, and Hawthorne, but only Gilroy and Tejon are in sight, but not near where you turn in. Easy in the day, could be challenging at night.

3) Gilroy is currently at 2 working stations, but is getting two more this week. Same for Folsom. Tejon was two, but got two more this week. Hawthorne has two stations, as does Harris Ranch. All have room for 6 or 7.

4) Tesla is working on a near term roll-out of an east coast equivalent to what is in place in CA now (NY to Miami path).

5) Unlike the mobile charging cord, the supercharger cords (more like pipes) are short and stiff. You need to be placed accurately in the parking space to plug in. Would be nice to have indicators to show you are in the right proximity to the cord. Hawthorne has parking bumps like you put in your garage which helps.


I also spoke with the manager of the Harris Ranch complex. He said they are planning to move the (two) charging stations there from behind the Subway sandwich shop near the gas station on the other side of the road, back over near the restaurant and expand the amount of charging slots.

+1 Lectric_Ride

As a fellow Midwesterner, I like your suggestions for Midwest supercharger locations. But, don't forget about driving West to KC. A supercharger in Columbus, MO would be perfect.

Given the distances between superchargers in SoCal (92-116 miles), it looks like superchargers in Kansas City, Columbia, St. Louis, midway between St. Louis and Nashville and in Nashville itself might work.

Oops meant Columbia, MO

"In one comment the valet would not remove the porsche for the volt to charge."

Might be a different story with a Model S. Just saying ;-)

Currently Tesla’s strategy on Supercharger locations seems to be to place them at roughly 150-mile intervals between destinations. Another approach would be to place them at or near popular destinations, such as the town of Mariposa near Yosemite National Park. Mariposa is about 160 miles from the Bay Area and is on a very popular route into Yosemite, as well as being the community nearest Yosemite Valley, where many people stay nights in Mariposa and drive into the park for day use.

Approximately 4 million people visit Yosemite every year, most arriving in private cars. Driving from the Bay Area with an 85 kWh MS one would likely arrive in Mariposa with 15% to 20% battery charge remaining. People driving from the LA area would likely need to charge once at Tejon Ranch. After arriving in Mariposa, charge up while getting a quick bite to eat, or visit the proposed Yosemite visitors center to get your fast pass, and on to the park for the rest of the day. At the end of the visit, top up the batteries for the trip home.

Mariposa is where I live, so this suggestion may seem self-serving, but I am likely to do most of my charging at home. Having a supercharger in a gateway community like Mariposa would no doubt be good for the local economy and I can’t think of a more fun place to drive a MS than in Yosemite and on the winding country roads in the immediate area. Can hardly wait to get mine.

The supercharger map showed a dot at Merced. Again, while that might not mean anything, my guess is that it would be a more likely spot. You don't need superchargers where you're staying overnight, slower charging works fine. EV charging at hotels is only going to become more common. Since it's 80 miles from Merced to Yosemite village, you could do the round trip as well.

Merced would be good as well, but if I were to pick a place for lunch, I'd probably prefer Mariposa. Plus, if Yosemite puts in a visitors center here that would also be a good location. Right now only one motel in town (River Rock) has a charging station, but I am sure that more will come. I would also concede that a Supercharger halfway up 99 (Merced) would be good.

Does anyone know how many Teslas can charge simultaneously at the superchargers in Tejon Ranch, Harris Ranch, and Folsom?

Definitely need a supercharging station in Southern NJ probably in Mullica Hill NJ area near Rt 55. This would serve a lot of the commutes to Atlantic City and other shore towns like Ocean City all the way down to Wildwood from Philly and Delaware.

Turnpike and GSP would make more sense. You mention Mullica Hill which seems to be self-serving/wishful thinking on your part since you live there. Why would you want a supercharger in your own hometown anyway? Wouldn't it be better to have superchargers BETWEEN locations? Unless you're thinking that you can just get free electricity for life and take up a spot everyday that should really be left to people on a roadtrip - which really defeats the whole purpose of the supercharger network

The real question is, will it be illegal to plug it in yourself in NJ?

lol nice one

How long would a SC take to replenish daily use? 5 min.?

If you're going to install a Boston-Washington corridor, SC's in Milford CT and Wilmington DE sound imminently plausible. Anyone have a better idea for this route?

Those locations are fine; as noted above will need another in Jersey. Will clearly be at a service plaza(s) on the NJP and I think the ones in the New Brunswick area are the best bet. Just south of the GSP so those traveling to/from west of the Hudson or who prefer to take the Tappan Zee can get a convenient charge and avoid the GWB.

Just did a search on Google Maps for Tesla Supercharger NJ and there is apparently going to be a Supercharger in Newark DE.

2 new east coast locations just announced by kinkaid. The supercharger page has the details...

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