Tesla app connects now what?

My car has been in production. Today for the first time my iPhone tesla app showed me a vin and let me in. Haven't heard anything from tesla yet. How close am I to getting my car based on people's experience who have had the same thing?

My VIN was assigned on 2/12

Was notified that car was done: 2/14 (yep 2 days later)

Delivery scheduled for 2/25 or 2/26

Suspense is killing me:-)

Sorry: Home delivery to AZ

I got my VIN # and my car was on a truck and in Colorado within a week delivered.You can call and you'll get an update ,like it's on a truck in transit etc.

VIN# to Delivery was 2 weeks for me in Colorado

I got my VIN yesterday and was told that the final paperwork will be emailed to me tonight or tomorrow. However, neither the webpage or the app have the VIN yet. The DS person told me it can take a few days to show up on the web page and app.

@shop - if the app lets you in, you should hit the honk button constantly until you get your car. :-)

not very savant of you. He'd be cut off entirely, fast.

Digital: :-)

Right now the car won't let me control it, says I need to enable remote control via car display. Waiting for my call from Tesla!

Any updates on how long it takes from App "activation" to delivery? Is there even a correlation? I got my VIN earlier this week, app connected today, but delivery is set for 5/20. Window was 5/8-5/22.

My VIN showed up in the app on 18 Apr, and I picked it up at the service center 3 days before my delivery window, 29 Apr-13 May. Loving every minute.

And yes, my final e-docs showed up a few days after VIN.

I got my app about the time it left the factory. Delivery time can obviously vary depending how far away from the factory you are. Too bad they turn the app function off on the car until delivery or you could track it. My delivery guy told me they used to have it on and once when he was preparing the car and had his head under the hood the owner honked the horn.

Why was his head under the hood? Nothing very interesting in the frunk. Serves him right. >:|

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