Tesla Mentioned in the Presidential Debate

Governor Romney mentioned Tesla in a negative tone tonight in order to discredit this Administration's interest in alternative energy. If he becomes President, will that mean that federal tax credits, and the DOE loan will be called to a halt?

Regarding the question of what would removal of the tax credits do to the EV industry, and I think the answer is that it would gut it. Model S sales would be hurt some but probably not too bad since the car is already so expensive, but LEAF/Volt/etc sales would go to nearly zero.

I agree with you jat but I think that is the whole point non-EV enthusiasts are making. If the car is not going to be purchased without the credit then is it worth the credit?
Manufacturers should make a car people want like Tesla has.

If he's gonna call Tesla "Tester" then I'm calling him Rommy. He's not worth the effort to move my finger from m to n for the fourth letter.

Dammit, the rest of reply got cut -.-
I do agree that if the rebate gets cut it will hurt the Leaf and Volt but not the Model S. What worries me is that without the rebate Tesla may have a harder time hitting its price point for Gen III.

Obama got lucky with TM. Romney needs to know more about the specifics of TM, and recognize the difference an "Elon" makes.

@Sudre_ +1

Haven't installed Lazarus yet? Heh. Serves you right! >:p

Will someone tell Romney to shut the f up? He did it again today only this time he got the name right. Dude lost my vote that is for sure. Idiot.

Ah yes, the great job creator Mitt Romney... maybe offshore jobs, hmm

using his logic we should abolish the SBA loan programs too, that would be a great way to promote job creation. I'm a small business owner and without SBA i could never have expanded my practice...

Banks in this country will not lend money (even money they receive basically free) to anyone, even doctors!

There is absolutely no difference in offering loans through an SBA program and the fed using stimulus money to promote larger startup ventures.

Ok, apologize for the politico comment.

Mitt is also against raising the CAFE standards. His drill baby drill approach without promoting efficiency doesn't make sense either.

Efficiency promotes itself. An efficient process or product is, by definition, able to achieve its purpose cheaper than alternatives. Anyone who knows of it is in a position to benefit and profit from it.

Not always, Brian. Often an excellent investment in the future is rejected for the sake of good looking numbers for the next quarter or year.

Then the opportunity is there (for someone else) a little while later. I'm not talking about individual judgment calls, but whether efficiencies get realized without some gubmint dept saying, "Lookie here!"

Not allways. The term "Betamaxed" comes to mind.

Romney probably won't release his taxes because he took the $7500 rebate on a Sig Performance.

@ walla2

Romney did release his taxes. Guess you weren't watching/listening. I'm sure he would enjoy a Sig Performance. I would!

Wow. I wish I could only pay 13% tax.

Also interesting that Romney doesn't seem to have insurance. Looks like he's self insured and just paying cash out of pocket knowing he can cover whatever comes up.

@ jbunn

Remember Romney's money has already been taxed once at a higher rate, then the second time at 13%.

From what I can see Romney made the bulk of his money raiding other people's companies, whereas people like Musk, Jobbs, Gates etc made theirs by creating something new.

It's much easier to make a lot of money if you start with some and others are creating opportunities for you to exploit. Much harder if you start with nothing, and without parents who can give you a good education.

Such a pity that he is having pot shots at a startup company that is actually developing and building things rather than supporting the 'dig it up and sell it' or ' buy he company and strip the assets' brigades.

As for tax rates paid by the seriously rich - I'm generally appalled when a multi millionaire pays less tax (particularly in gross amounts) than a middle class earner.

Of course this is a moot point because no one wants to pay more tax, including me. When you see how so much of it is spent - priced an invasion lately? Those billions spent into developing alternatives to oil and coal burning would have been better value for money - and that's before the human cost with the thousands murdered.

Dudes. It was a joke. I did see/know that. Plus, he didn't release his 2012 returns as I am certain he has yet to submit those.

@sagebrushnw, technically no. It isn't Romney's money till it comes to his back. And only the taxed paid 'after' the money comes to his bank are his txes. The money that was taxed at a higher rate belongs to the company (or companies in which Romney invested).

When the money changes hands, from the companies to Romney, then it is Romney's money. Romney can't claim the first tax paid by the invested-in companies; he can claim only when it comes out of his bank account.

~ Prash.

Yep, Romney raided and stripped those companies. Of course, the alternative was bankruptcy for them. Hard choice -- not!

Companies can and have still operated while under bankruptcy protection so it's not so black and white BH.

@walla2 - fyi some us have not yet finalized our 2011 returns! In my case I (over)paid an estimated tax amount in April 15 and placed the return on extension. Why? when one has investments that are professionally managed the K-1s often are not even mailed by them until September. Then my tax preparer has to crunch the final numbers and be ready to file the finished return Oct 15.

Much of modern life is not simple. Applies to politics too: not easily distilled into sound bites and slogans, at least not if you want accuracy and a "final" answer.

True, but they're still under the gun to rationalize and get profitable, and on a short leash. GM's bailout broke just about every rule, guideline, and law on the books, e.g.

I didn't say that some companies deserve to close their doors, just not all do. :)

No progress is ever made if new things aren't tried. New things often don't work. It's expected that more than half will fail. Generally the ones that make it more than compensate for the ones that don't.


A politician admitting wrong? Dude, what are you smoking and where can I get some?

Correct me if I'm wrong here amigo, but
1 day after you posted, Romney went national on MSNBC
saying. "I was wrong about the 47%".

I don't smoke, but my 60+ years of living in the states
has showed me that if a politician can get more votes than he loses, he will do just about anything, including admitting wrong.

Ford got $5.9 bIllion from the same program. Why nobody whines about it?


The whiners got their cut perhaps?

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