Tow socket

Does the Model S have a towing point on the front bumper? Most cars, including my current Benz have a small square plastic cover on the bar, which when removed reveals a socket to screw in a towing eye. If this is available on the S, it would solve the licence plate holding question as it can be then used for the purpose with an appropriate bracket welded to a bolt to suit.

An induction motor won't produce any voltage or current if you simply spin it, unlike a synchronous PM motor. The induction motor needs an externally fed rotating field to do anything, since it doesn't have a single permanent magnet. Thus it could not damage anything by just spinning when the car is towed.

There is no clutch in Teslas. None is needed.

I bet the reason is that 3) from jerry3 explanation. There just isn't anything to attach the tow eye. Bumper is designed to withstand compress, not pull.

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